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Scientific Name: Chaetura fumosa Authority: Salvin, 1870 English Common Name: Costa Rican Swift … A guide to the birds of Costa Rica. Cornell University …

ITIS Standard Report Page: Chaetura
… vertebrado, vertebrates, vertébrés : Class: Aves — Birds … 1916 — Pale-rumped Swift : Species: Chaetura fumosa Salvin, 1870 — Costa Rican Swift

Complete list of bird species endemic to Costa Rica and neighboring regions. … Costa Rican Swift. Chaetura fumosa. White-crested Coquette. Lophornis adorabilis

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Search for information on all of the world’s bird species. … Costa Rican Swift Chaetura fumosa: LC…

Audubon Science – Christmas Bird Count
Results: Species Observations : Costa Rican Swift Chaetura fumosa for the Central America region View all counts…

Swift family Apodidae
The Costa Rican Swift Chaetura fumosa was at Rio del Tigre, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica, on … Breeding distribution of Vaux’s Swift in California. West. Birds 27: 30–40.
Costa Rican Swift: Chaetura fumosa : Pale-rumped Swift: Chaetura egregia : Grey-rumped Swift: Chaetura cinereiventris : Vaux’s Swift: Chaetura vauxi : Ashy-tailed Swift: Chaetura meridionalis

EXOTIC BIRDING tours – Specialty birds found in Costa Rica
Specialty birds and endemics found in Costa Rica. … 48: Costa Rican Swift: Chaetura fumosa: NE: 49: Black-crested Coquette: Lophornis helenae: LC

Naturalist Journeys – Small Group Birding and Natural History Tours …
… and scientific names published in the Checklist of Costa Rican Birds … Costa Rican Swift Chaetura fumosa – On the road back to San Jose

Costa Rica trip Dec07 annotated list
Costa Rican Swift Chaetura fumosa *: a few most days at Rio Tigre, often with flocks of WC Swifts (ph) … Clay-colored Robin Turdus grayi: the national bird of Costa Rica was common and …

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