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The Common Tern (Sterna hirundo) is a seabird of the tern … Cornell Lab of Ornithology; Common Tern – Sterna hirundo – USGS Patuxent Bird … Wikimedia Commons has media related to

The RSPB: Common tern
These delightful silvery-grey and white birds have long … Sterna hirundo. Family. Terns (Sternidae) Overview. These delightful … Help the Common tern. The RSPB is working for a better …

Common Tern
A presentation of bird photographs … Common tern Sterna hirundo … with fresh inner primaries will be Commons. Juvenile Common …

All About Birds: Common Tern
Common Tern (Sterna hirundo). In The Birds of North America a, No. 618 (A. Poole and F. Gill, eds.). The Birds of North America, Inc., Philadelphia, PA.

Sterna hirundo – common tern
Wintering adults and immature birds have a black nape and dark bill. In the Sterna hirundo Linneaus common tern breeding season adults have a red bill with a black tip , a black crown …

Common Tern (Sterna hirundo)
Photo of this bird in flight, range maps, and links to fact sheets.

ADW: Sterna hirundo: Information
Common Tern, Sterna hirundo" (On-line). Accessed 03/05/04 at

Common Tern, Sterna hirundo
Common Tern, illustrated article. … Slightly larger and longer-legged than similar Arctic Tern, and has shorter wings.

DNR – Common Terns (Sterna hirundo)
The common tern (Sterna hirundo) is a small colonial waterbird. There are four breeding species … Their winter migration takes these birds to the Atlantic coastal areas in …,1607,7-153-10319-32993–,00.html

Common Tern, Sterna hirundo
Size: L: 35 cm Wt: 120 g. Males and females are similar. Seasonally dimorphic. This species requires three years to reach full adult plumage. Summer Adult: mantle and wings grey …

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