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The White-winged Apalis (Apalis chariessa) is a species of bird in the Cisticolidae family. It is found in Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, and Tanzania. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests and subtropical or tropical moist montanes. It is threatened by habitat loss.

White-winged Apalis (Apalis chariessa) – BirdLife species factsheet
Search for information on all of the world’s bird species. … BirdLife Species Champions appeal Donate to this groundbreaking initiative so that together we can turn the tide on …

White-winged Apalis stamps
Stamps showing White-winged Apalis (Apalis chariessa)

African Country Resources – African Bird Club&Birding Africa
Approximately 690 bird species have been recorded in Mozambique, with 8 of … White-winged Apalis: Apalis chariessa: Chirinda Apalis: Apalis chirindensis: Dappled Mountain-Robin : Arcanator …

African Country Resources – African Bird Club&Birding Africa
White-winged Apalis: Apalis chariessa: Vulnerable *Yellow-throated Apalis: Apalis flavigularis: Endangered … Bar-throated Apalis Apalis thoracica flavigularis by the African Bird Club.

Cisticolas and Allies family – mainly images; gallery format
Bird species in the Cisticolas and Allies family … Prinia molleri Black-collared Apalis Apalis pulchra White-winged Apalis Apalis chariessa

White-winged Apalis: Apalis chariessa : Black-capped Apalis: Apalis nigriceps : Black-headed Apalis: Apalis melanocephala : Chirinda Apalis: Apalis chirindensis

Birds on stamps: Kenya Kenia
A listing of bird stamps from Kenya … Papyrus Gonolek Laniarius mufumbiri : 10s: 137 086 000: White-winged Apalis Apalis chariessa

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Search for information on all of the world’s bird species. … White-winged Apalis Apalis chariessa: VU

Tables, Section 5 (Ornithology)
Forest bird species of special conservation interest in the Tanganyika-Nyasa Montane … Taita Apalis Apalis fuscigularis 8. Th . Taita White-eye Zosterops silvanus 8

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