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The Black-headed Apalis (Apalis melanocephala) is a species of bird in the Cisticolidae family. It is found in Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Somalia, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical dry forests, subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests, and subtropical or tropical moist montanes.

Animal Demography Unit BIRP Species summary (HTML Format)
Species summary for: Common name: Black-headed Apalis: Scientific name: Apalis melanocephala: Status: Occurrence: The reporting rate (%) is the number of cards that contained the …

African Bird Club | main
Namuli Apalis was the most abundant bird other than Eastern Olive … Evergreen Forest Warbler Bradypterus mariae, Black-headed Apalis Apalis melanocephala …

Birds in Reserves Project
… BIRP Breeding records o BIRP Species identification uncertain Bird … Birds in Reserves Project Species summary for: Common name: Black-headed Apalis Scientific name: Apalis melanocephala …

xeno-canto/Africa :: bird songs from the African region
A list of all unique bird species in the xeno-canto collection, in … Black-headed Apalis: Apalis melanocephala: Barred Long-tailed Cuckoo: Cercococcyx montanus

WINGS Birding Tours to Tanzania: The Eastern Arc Mountains and …
The Eastern Arc Mountains and Ngorongoro – Bird List. WINGS is a … Black-headed Apalis: 2: 1: Apalis melanocephala: Chapin’s Apalis: 1: H: Apalis chapini

Birdwatching Trip Report from
a bird watching trip report on … Black-headed Apalis: Apalis melanocephala: Grey Apalis: Apalis cinerea: Green-backed Camaroptera: Camaroptera brachyura

WINGS Birding Tours to Kenya: Kakamega to the Coast – Bird List
Kakamega to the Coast – Bird List. WINGS is a worldwide birding tour … 9: Black-headed Apalis: 2: 6: Apalis melanocephala: 9: Black-throated Apalis: 1: 3: Apalis jacksoni
Black-headed Apalis: Apalis melanocephala : Chirinda Apalis: Apalis chirindensis : Chestnut-throated Apalis: Apalis porphyrolaema : Kabobo Apalis: Apalis kaboboensis

Porini Safaris
Yellow-Breasted Apalis: Apalis … Tricholaema melanocephala … Black-Headed Batis: Batis …

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