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The White-throated Dipper (Cinclus cinclus) is an aquatic passerine bird found in Europe and the Middle East, also known as the European Dipper or just Dipper. The species is divided into several subspecies on colour differences, especially of the pectoral band. The nominate Black-bellied Dipper, C. c. cinclus, has no chestnut on the lower breast.

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Dippers are members of the genus Cinclus in the bird family … Cinclus is the only genus in the family Cinclidae. The White-throated Dipper is also known in Britain as the Water …

Dipper – Cinclus cinclus – Information – ARKive
Information about the Dipper (Cinclus cinclus … The dipper is a dumpy aquatic bird with a short tail. … Also known as: white throated dipper

White-throated Dipper – Cinclus cinclus
Identification record : White-throated Dipper ( Cinclus cinclus ). Order : Passeriformes, Family : Cinclidés.

Cinclus cinclus – White-throated Dipper
White-throated Dipper … A bird foraging in the water, turning rocks upside … Oslo, Norway (ssp cinclus). © E. Roualet Duration 15 s …

Dipper – Cinclus cinclus
Dipper – Cinclus cinclus – some photos and notes … Cinclus cinclus) (aka White-throated Dipper) River Spey, Invernessshire, Scotland

White-throated Dipper (Cinclus cinclus) – BirdLife species factsheet
Search for information on all of the world’s bird species. … BirdLife Species Champions appeal Donate to this groundbreaking initiative so that together we can turn the tide on …

White-throated Dipper (Cinclus cinclus)
White-throated Dipper (Cinclus cinclus)… a flash of chocolate with a touch of cream, shrieking … dancing to the swirl of the rushing waters: that elusive bird – the Dipper.

White Throated Dipper Cinclus Cinclus
A picture for Canst::animal White Throated Dipper scientific name Cinclus Cinclus

Dipper (Cinclus cinclus)
Dipper Cinclus cinclus … In: White-throated Dipper Ca: Merla d’aigua Da: Vandstær … For the purposes of our bird news services, Dipper is classed as …

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