Fulvous-bellied ant-pitta: Information from Answers.com
Fulvous-bellied ant-pitta Hylopezus dives TAXONOMY Hylopezus … dives TAXONOMY Hylopezus dives Salvin, 1865. OTHER COMMON NAMES English: White-lored antpitta; … benefits of bird …

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Local contacts, guides, bird clubs and birding organisations in birding … Fulvous-bellied Antpitta Hylopezus dives White-lored Antpitta Hylopezus fulviventris

Discover Life – Aves: Formicariidae – Ground Antbirds
Higher taxa: Life Vertebrata Aves IDnature guides: Bird_families … fulvous-bellied antpitta Hylopezus dives : thrush-like antpitta Myrmothera campanisona

Formicariidae – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
… Hylopezus perspicillatus; Masked Antpitta, Hylopezus auricularis; Fulvous-bellied Antpitta, Hylopezus dives; White … Formicariidae videos on the Internet Bird Collection

Costa Rica Birdwatching, Birding, Costa Rica Bird Watching Resort …
… Mountains, this is an ideal place for bird … Hylopezus dives – Thicket Antpitta – Hylopezus fulviventris – Fulvous-bellied Antpitta

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… Bird Identification InfoCenter ADDITIONAL PHOTOS: Fulvous Wren (or Superciliated Wren) Cinnycerthia fulva… Peru, Bolivia… Fulvous-bellied Antpitta: Hylopezus dives … Honduras …

A classification of the bird species of South America
A classification of the bird species of South America. South … 18. Hylopezus dives was called "Fulvous-bellied Antpitta", the name for the former composite species (dives + …

List of birds of Nicaragua – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is a list of the bird species recorded in Nicaragua. The avifauna … Streak-chested Antpitta Hylopezus perspicillatus; Fulvous-bellied Antpitta Hylopezus dives

Bird Taxonomy
Bird Taxonomy Page 6 [Home] [Site Map] [Info Page] [Links … Spotted Antpitta 5071 Hylopezus dives Fulvous-bellied Antpitta …

The Sights and Sounds of Costa Rica, Sounds List
A Thicket (formerly Fulvous-bellied) Antpitta (Hylopezus dives) sings, hidden in the dense understory (where they feel comfortable) at La Selva, 6/19/99. (184K) This bird wins the …

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