Species: Latin: 1: Northern Logrunner Orthonyx novaeguineae: 2: Southern Logrunner Orthonyx temminckii

Orthonychidae: Information from Answers.com
… New South Wales, well separated from the northern section of its range, and a pair of birds was … considered a separate species, the New Guinea Logrunner, Orthonyx novaeguineae.

WINGS Birding Tours to Papua New Guinea – Bird List
WINGS Birding Tours to Papua New Guinea – Bird List. WINGS is a … 2: Northern Logrunner E: 1: 2: Orthonyx novaeguineae: 2: Painted Quail-Thrush E : 3: 1: H: Cinclosoma ajax

Camp Eden Health Resort
… and the laughing kookaburra (Dacelo novaeguineae). Birds … The logrunner (Orthonyx temminckii), is a rainforest obligate … Perameles nasuta) and the northern brown bandicoot …

Avibase – Bird Checklists of the World – Papua New Guinea bird …
Avibase is an extensive database information system about all birds of … Northern Logrunner: Orthonyx novaeguineae PASSERIFORMES: Eupetidae. Painted Quail-thrush: Cinclosoma ajax

Eagle-Eye Tours
… 800-373-5678 Papua New Guinea August 2007 with Héctor Gómez de Silva BIRD … New Guinea (Rufous) Babbler Pomatostomus isidorei h LOGRUNNERS 185 Northern Logrunner Orthonyx novaeguineae s …

Papua Expeditions :: Check-list birds of Papua, Birdlist Papua
New Guinea Logrunner Orthonyx [temminckii] novaeguineae New Guinea endemic … Snow Mountains specialties] [Northern lowlands forest birds] [ …

TROPICAL BIRDING Papua New Guinea 2007 trip report
… see from the photos above, this mindblowing bird was … attempt at seeing the newly split New Guinea (Northern) Logrunner … Papuan (Spine-tailed-) Needletail Mearnsia novaeguineae …

Australian Soundscapes
Laughing Kookaburra: Dacelo novaeguineae: White-bellied Cuckooshrike: Coracina papuensis: Spalding’s Logrunner: Orthonyx spaldingii … Northern Fantail: Rhipidura rufiventris: Pale-yellow …

Surfbirds Birding Trip Report: Papua New Guinea: 28th July to 18th …
… Aug 10 and Benson’s Trail on 13th and 16th, a bird more often heard than seen. Northern … Papuan/Northern Logrunner Orthonyx novaeguineae : 2 singles on Aug 12 at Benson’s Trail …

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