Horned Grebe (Podiceps auritus) – Birds, Photo By: Brian Zwiebel
Horned Grebe Alternate Spring Plumage Vertical Ohio Birds … Description: Horned Grebe (Podiceps auritus) #5531 | Ohio | April 2005 | 77% of Capture | 8.2 MP Canon Eos 20D | Canon …

CalPhotos: Podiceps auritus; Horned Grebe
CalPhotos Podiceps auritus; Horned Grebe (detail page)

Horned Grebe – Podiceps auritus
Horned Grebe – Podiceps auritus – Species Information and Photos, including id keys, habitat, diet, behavior, nesting, migration, and conservation status

Slavonian Grebe – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Slavonian Grebe, Podiceps auritus [1], is a member of the grebe family of water birds. It is known in North America as the Horned Grebe. It is a small grebe at 31–38 cm (12–15 in) long with a 46–55 cm wingspan. Unmistakable in summer, the male’s plumage includes a black head with brown puffy earlike tufts along the sides of its face.

All About Birds: Horned Grebe
Horned Grebe (Podiceps auritus). In The Birds of North America, No. 505 (A. Poole and F. Gill, eds.). The Birds of North America, Inc., Philadelphia, PA.

Podiceps auritus
Horned Grebe (Podiceps auritus). In The Birds of North America, No. 505. A. Poole and F. Gill, eds. American Ornithologists’ Union, Washington, D.C.; Academy of Natural Sciences …

ITIS Standard Report Page: Podiceps auritus
Banks : Notes: Chief, Bird Section, U.S.G.S. – B.R.D. – P.W.R.C. Reference for: Podiceps auritus … the full dataset : Reference for: Podiceps auritus, Horned Grebe

Birds of India – Horned Grebe – Podiceps auritus – Podicipedidae …
Horned Grebe (Podiceps auritus) Identification: Length: 9.5 inches Wingspan: 24 inches. Sexes similar. Small, stocky-bodied grebe with a short, thin bill.

Horned Grebe – Montana Field Guide
Class – Birds – Aves. Order – Grebes – Podicipediformes. Family – Grebes – Podicipedidae. Species – Horned Grebe – Podiceps auritus … Horned Grebe — Podiceps auritus. Montana …

Podiceps auritus – Horned Grebe
Podiceps auritus Horned Grebe … Three clips of a winter-plumaged bird diving for food …

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