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The Yellow White-eye (Zosterops luteus) is a species of bird in the Zosteropidae family endemic to Australia. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical mangrove forests. [edit] Source. BirdLife International 2004. Zosterops luteus. 2006 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Downloaded on 27 July 2007.

Australian bird list – section 5
Australian bird list – section 5 Passeriformes (Cinclosomatidae — Sturnidae) … Zosterops luteus. Yellow White-eye Zosterops lateralis. Silvereye Zosterops strenuus

Silvereye (Zosterops lateralis)
The Silvereye is a small (9.5cm – 12cm) bird with … Zosterops lateralis. Description The Silvereye is a … The Yellow White-eye, Z. luteus, lives in Australia’s north and north-west

Birds in Backyards – Silvereye (Zosterops lateralis) Fact sheet
The Silvereye is a small bird with a … Richard Major © Australian Museum. Distribution map of Zosterops lateralis … The Yellow White-eye, Z. luteus, lives in Australia’s north …

Australian Bird Image Database- News
Loboparadisea sericea – Yellow-breasted Bird-of-paradise Lophorina … Zosterops luteus – Australian Yellow White-eye Zosterops meeki – White-throated White-eye

Australian Bird Image Database- All Images
… Little Crow (1) Corvus boreus – Relict Raven Corvus coronoides – Australian … Lamprolia victoriae – Silktail (1) Loboparadisea sericea – Yellow-breasted Bird-of-paradise

Australian Bird List ! Far North Queensland Australia
Australian Bird List. Courtesy of Chambers Wildlife Rainforest Lodge, Atherton … White-eye, Yellow : Zosterops luteus: Whiteface, Banded : Aphelocephala nigricincta

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Species Category; Australian Yellow White-eye Zosterops luteus: LC … Threatened bird of the day: Jan 7, 2009 White-chested White-eye Zosterops albogularis…

AVIFAUNA – Picchio Verde. . . l’altro web site
Zosterops luteus AUSTRALIAN YELLOW WHITE-EYE. Mangroves, forest, along rivers. … From its discovery in 1889 until a few years ago, this bird was …

Birds of the world – Sibley-Monroe Checklist 16 – Bird Taxonomy …
… Zosterops kuehni Zosterops novaeguineae Zosterops luteus … Ambon Yellow White-eye New Guinea White-eye Australian Yellow White-eye … Brown Songlark Rufous Songlark Spinifex-bird …

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