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The Lanner Falcon (Falco biarmicus [2]) is a large bird of prey that breeds in Africa, southeast Europe and just into Asia. It is mainly resident, but some birds disperse more widely after the breeding season. It is a large falcon, at 43-50cm length with a wingspan of 95-105cm. European Lanner Falcons (Falco biarmicus feldeggi, also called Feldegg’s Falcon) have slate grey or brown-grey upperparts; most African subspecies are a paler blue grey above.

Falco biarmicus
Location captive at Eagle Heights Bird of Prey Centre near Eynsford in … Tree of Life Web Project. 2008. Falco biarmicus. Lanner Falcon.

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Faucon lanier, Falco biarmicus . Donjon des Aigles Located in a XIe century castle overlooking the Gave de Pau valley, this bird center hosts more than 45 species of birds of prey …

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Their main food sources are smaller birds, especially quails and columbids. Falco biarmicus also feeds on lizards, rodents, and bats, as well as spiders and scorpions in desert areas

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CalPhotos Falco biarmicus; Lanner Falcon (detail page) – Polish Birds – Polish Birds Directory – Lanner Falcon …
Snow has melted, the sun is shining, and birds are singing. The spring has come! more »,Lanner_Falcon_(Falco_biarmicus)_,gid,204255,cid,871.htm

Lanner Falcon (Falco biarmicus)
For the purposes of our bird news services, Lanner Falcon is classed as Common: common species, including species that are certain or probable escapees from captivity when …

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… vertebrado, vertebrates, vertébrés : Class: Aves — Birds, oiseaux … D. Notes: PO Box 1999 Walla Walla, Washington 99362-0999 : Reference for: Falco biarmicus

Lanner Falcon – Falco Biarmicus
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