Splits Ground Antbirds
This short cut is part of a longer track appearing on the CD-ROM Birds … split from: Hylopezus macularius insert after: Hylopezus macularius Sjoerd Maijer,

Masked Antpitta (Hylopezus auricularis) – BirdLife species factsheet
Search for information on all of the world’s bird species. … Taxonomic note Hylopezus macularius (Sibley and Monroe 1990, 1993) has been split into H …

InfoNatura – Detailed Report
Scientific Name: Hylopezus macularius Authority: (Temminck, 1823) … Threatened birds of the world 2004. CD ROM. BirdLife International, Cambridge, UK.

THE EFFECTS OF FOREST FRAGMETATION ON TERRESTRIAL INSECTIVOROUS BIRDS IN CENTRAL … that were absent from 1- and 10-ha fragments were Formicarius analis, Hylopezus macularius, and …

That afternoon I didn’t see the bird, even though it responded well to playback … The Auk! ("Rediscovery of Hylopezus (macularius) auricularis: Distinctive Song and Habitat …

Formicariidae – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
These are forest birds that tend to feed on insects at or near the ground since … Spotted Antpitta, Hylopezus macularius; Streak-chested Antpitta, Hylopezus perspicillatus; Masked …

Birds: Formicariidae
Birds and their associated Chewing Lice Avian taxonomy Howard and Moore, 3rd. … Hylopezus macularius (Temminck, 1823) – Spotted Antpitta; Hylopezus auricularis Gyldenstolpe, 1941 …

birding facts Birding Resources by the Fat Birder
Local contacts, guides, bird clubs and birding organisations in birding facts … Spotted Antpitta Hylopezus macularius Streak-chested Antpitta Hylopezus perspicillatus

List of birds of Colombia – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is a list of the bird species recorded in Colombia. The avifauna of Colombia includes a total of 1895 species, of which 74 are endemic, 2 have been introduced by humans, and 87 are rare or accidental. 1 species listed is extirpated in Colombia and is not included in the species count. 83 species are globally threatened.

WORLDTWITCH – Bolivia – Riberalta Trip Report, July 1997, by Jon …
… map by finding the rare Rufous-sided Pygmy-Tyrant and Spotted Antpitta Hylopezus macularius … Bird savanna till 12.00. Hour wait for lift back, in a pick-up. Late afternoon …

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