Merops hirundineus furcatus – 74007_74013
Specimen image, top left …..: Specimen image, top right …..: Specimen image, bottom left …..: ZMUC 74007 none ZMUC 74013 : DNA field no.: none…

Tanzania collections
… is among the African countries with the highest number of resident bird … 44: Coraciiformes: Meropidae: Merops hirundineus furcatus Stanley, 1814 : Current name used: Material

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Name of Bird: Scientific Name: Photographer: Species Distribution: Additional Information: Sabine’s Gull 1 Sabine’s Gull 2: Xema sabini: Frode Falkenberg

World Checklist of Non-Passerine Birds
A World checklist of Non-Passerine Birds … 1167 Swallow-tailed Bee-eater Merops hirundineus 1168 Black-headed Bee-eater Merops breweri

CalPhotos: Browse Bird Scientific Names
Back to: CalPhotos > Animals > Browse Bird Scientific … Creagrus furcatus (27) Creatophora cinerea (2) Crimson Rosella … Merops hirundineus (6) Merops nubicoides (4) Merops nubicus (1)

World Birds Taxonomic List: Genera, species, and subspecies with …
Geobiastes (m.) Sharpe 1871 Cat.Afr.Birds p.5 Concept. Geobiastes squamiger ( … Merops hirundineus chrysolaimus Jardine & Selby 1830 Ill.Orn. 2 pl.99,text; Merops hirundineus furcatus …

All species
All species … Bee-eater, Swallow-tailed: Merops hirundineus: Ungraded … Bird, Secretary: Sagittarius serpentarius: Ungraded

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Bird species articles Wikipedia has already, and ones it doesn’t yet have [edit] Instructions. For small orders (< 100 species), just list the order; for large ones, break up by family. Format each taxonomic group like this:

Flickr: Discussing New hyperlink list – by scientific name in Field …
Scarlet Macaw Bird Count Opportunties in Belize January 2009 Latest: 4 weeks ago … Anthus furcatus (Short-billed Pipit) Anthus hodgsoni (Olive-backed Pipit) Anthus hoeschi ( …

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Species : British birds : Irish birds : Western Palearctic : All species: My services … The BirdGuides photo archive contains 75525 pictures from around the world …

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