Pogoniulus pusillus affinis – 74154
Specimen image, top left …..: Specimen image, top right …..: Specimen image, bottom left …..: ZMUC 74154 none none : DNA field no.: none

WINGS Birding Tours to Tanzania: The Eastern Arc Mountains and …
The Eastern Arc Mountains and Ngorongoro – Bird List. WINGS is a worldwide … Red-fronted Tinkerbird: 2: 2: Pogoniulus pusillus affinis: Black-throated Barbet: 1: 4: Tricholaema melanocephala …

Kenya Trip list, Naro Moru
Kenya Birds: Naro Moru, January 2001 … Pogoniulus pusillus affinis: Red-fronted Tinkerbird: Motacilla clara torrentium: Mountain Wagtail

Kenya Trip list, Kilaguni
Sagittarius serpentarius: Secretary Bird: Elanus caeruleus caeruleus: Black … Pogoniulus pusillus affinis: Red-fronted Tinkerbird: Tricholaema lacrymosa radcliffei: Spot-flanked Barbet

Mpala Wildlife Foundation::Bird list
A Check-list of the Birds of Mpala Research Centre and Mpala Ranch, Laikipia … Red-fronted Tinkerbird (Pogoniulus pusillus affinis) p: U : Spot-flanked Barbet (Tricholaema lacrymosa)

List of African birds – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This list of African birds is a listing of all the bird … Greater Scaup, Aythya marila; Lesser Scaup, Aythya affinis … Merops bullockoides; Little Bee-eater, Merops pusillus; Blue …

Birds in Tanzania – Index
Birds in Tanzania © Peter Nilsson – 2004 & 2005 … Little Swift : Apus affinis : Speckled Mousebird: Colius … Red-fronted Tinkerbird: Pogoniulus pusillus: Brown-breasted Barbet: Lybius …

Palmiet Nature Reserve Birds
Palmiet Nature Reserve Westville Birds … Barbet Red Fronted Tinker: Pogoniulus pusillus … Apus affinis: Kleinwindswael.

List of birds of South Africa – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
… of this list adheres to James Clements ‘ Birds of the … Rare/Accidental; Striped Flufftail, Sarothrura affinis … Pogoniulus chrysoconus; Red-fronted Tinkerbird, Pogoniulus pusillus …

Birdwatching Trip Report from
a bird watching trip report on … Red-fronted Tinkerbird: Pogoniulus pusillus: Yellow-spotted Barbet … Little Swift: Apus affinis: Horus Swift: Apus horus: White-rumped …

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