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Robin Accentor Prunella rubeculoides – Adult: Photographer : © Satyendra Sharma: Location : South Pulu, Ladakh, India: Date : 8 August 2008: Equipment

Prunella rubeculoides – Wikispecies
Species: Prunella rubeculoides Subspecies: P. r. muraria  – P. r. rubeculoides … A catalogue of the birds in the museum of the East-India Company 1 p.361

Robin Accentor (Prunella rubeculoides) – BirdLife species factsheet
Search for information on all of the world’s bird species. … BirdLife Species Champions appeal Donate to this groundbreaking initiative so that together we can turn the tide on …

Biodiversity of Nepal
Genus: Prunella Species: rubeculoides Family: Nepali Name: N/A Size: N/A Lifespan: Food: Carnivores: Incubation Period: Habit: N/A Clutch Size: NPWC A(1973): Yes

… 20 March to 9 April 2000 was conducted primarily to observe the changes in bird … common White Wagtail Montacilla alba (personata) occasional Robin Accentor Prunella rubeculoides …

Biodiversity of Nepal
Genus: Prunella Species: rubeculoides Family: N/A Nepali Name: N/A Size: N/A Lifespan: … Inskipp, C. and Inskipp, T.P. (1985) A Guide to the Birds of Nepal. Croom …

Prunella (bird) – Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Prunella (bird …
redirected from Prunella (bird)) … Any of 12 species of the genus Prunella (order … Prunella rubeculoides Prunella rubida Prunella salt

Accentor – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
… Prunella collaris; Altai Accentor, Prunella himalayana; Robin Accentor, Prunella rubeculoides; Rufous … Birds. London: Merehurst Press, 184. ISBN 1-85391-186-0.   ^ Harrison, An Atlas of …

Avibase – The World Bird Database
Avibase is an extensive database information system about all birds of the world … Prunella rubeculoides: Prunella rubeculoides rubeculoides: ssp. Prunella rubeculoides muraria: ssp.

Prunella modularis definition of Prunella modularis in the Free Online …
sparrow, common name of various small brown-and-gray perching birds. New World … Prunella rubeculoides Prunella rubida Prunella salt Prunella Scales Prunella Scales

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