Avibase – The World Bird Database
Avibase is an extensive database information system about all birds of the … Psophia crepitans napensis: ssp. Psophia leucoptera: Psophia leucoptera leucoptera: ssp.

Bill Lamar’s Field Journals 3
Viviano’s ancient mother was never without the company of her Common Trumpeter (Psophia crepitans napensis), an affectionate, doe-eyed, ostrich-like bird that fairly …

List of birds of Ecuador – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is a list of the bird species recorded in Ecuador. … Gray-winged Trumpeter Psophia crepitans [edit] Rails, Crakes … Megascops roraimae; Rio Napo Screech-Owl Megascops napensis …

Bird watching Trip Report from Ecuador
Grey-winged Trumpeter – Psophia crepitans napensis At Yuturi a pair were seen … Lesser Wagtail-Tyrant – Stigmatura napensis We found a pair of these smart birds on a Rio Napo …

List of birds of Colombia – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is a list of the bird species recorded in Colombia. … Gray-winged Trumpeter Psophia crepitans [edit] Rails, Crakes … Rio Napo Screech-Owl Megascops napensis; White-throated …

TRUMPETER – Online Information article about TRUMPETER
species of Trumpet-Birds: (i) the See also: ORIGINAL; original Psophia crepitans of See also: GUIANA (Guyana, Guayana’) Guiana; (2) P. napensis of eastern See also:

Species List ‘Birds of Ecuador’
Species list "Birds of Ecuador" ‘S’ means that one or … Aramus guarauna – S P Gray-winged Trumpeter Psophia crepitans – S … Otus centralis – S Rio Napo Screech-Owl Otus napensis – S …

WINGS Birding Tours to Ecuador: La Selva Lodge – Bird List
La Selva Lodge – Bird List. WINGS is a worldwide … 1: Gray-winged Trumpeter : 1: 4: Psophia crepitans: 6: Gray-necked Wood … 3: Lesser Wagtail-Tyrant : 1: 4: Stigmatura napensis: 4: Slender …

Napo Wildlife Center Bird List
Napo Wildlife Center Bird List The list below contains … Gray-winged Trumpeter: Psophia crepitans … Lesser Wagtail-Tyrant: Stigmatura napensis

Species List "Birds of Venezuela"
Here is the complete list of species found on "Birds of … Grey-winged Trumpeter (Psophia crepitans) P S Wattled Jacana (Jacana … Lesser Wagtail-Tyrant (Stigmatura napensis) S Agile Tit …

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