Long-billed Wren (Thryothorus longirostris)
Long-billed Wren (Thryothorus longirostris) in Ceará: photos, notes. … Local subspecies T. l. bahiae is restricted to the Northeast. The distribution map in Ridgely …

Long-billed Wren (Thryothorus longirostris) | the Internet Bird …
Long-billed Wren (Thryothorus longirostris) French: Troglodyte à long bec … Race bahiae possibly a separate species, diffe… [View … A bird preening and singing Reserva Regua, Rio de …

A classification of the bird species of South America
A classification of the bird species of South … 2005) suggested that the northern subspecies bahiae might warrant treatment as a separate species from Thryothorus longirostris.

List of endemic species
Endemic birds species of Reserva Ecológica Mãe-da-Lua in Ceará, Brazil. … Thryothorus longirostris bahiae – Long-billed Wren P, S Icterus jamacaii jamacaii – Troupial R/T

Northeast Brazil & N. Minas Gerais Extension
Thanks to Roy for actually spotting the bird perched quietly. This is the race bahiae; nominate occurs from e Venezuela through Guianas to Brazil n of Amazon (so not an endemic) PLAIN …

Northeastern Brazil (and Northern Minas Gerais Extension)
… MOUSTACHED WREN (Thryothorus genibarbis) BUFF-BREASTED WREN (Thryothorus leucotis) Extension LONG-BILLED WREN (Thryothorus longirostris bahiae) Impressive bird!! HOUSE WREN (Troglodytes …

Eastern Brazil 2002
Eastern Brazil Endemics 18 October – 10 November 2002, with Ornifolks

Surfbirds Birding Trip Report: Report of a Birding trip to Southern …
In parallel with his reputation his knowledge of birds and sites was … Long-billed Wren (Thryothorus longirostris) Endemic ss. “bahiae” seen on the Palmeiras – Guine road 26/10

Andrew Whittaker Bird list prepared by Andrew Whittaker NE Brazil Itinerary: 2 … Thryothorus genibarbis ) – JN, CR, JB, Long-billed Wren ( Thryothorus longirostris bahiae ) e – JN …

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… best nature recordings, birdsongs of nearly all the birds … Nasica longirostris Dendrexetastes rufigula moniliger … Myiarchus tyrannulus bahiae/tyrannulus Ramphotrigon …

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