Naturalis – Extinct bird: Xenicus longipes longipes (Bush Wren)
3D pictures of the extinct Bush Wren (Xenicus longipes longipes … Ancestors of the passerine birds The family of New … X. l. stokesii from North Island and X. l. variabilis which …

TerraNature: Flightless Birds
New Zealand ecology – flightless birds … Xenicus longipes variabilis. At the turn of the 20th century, it was effectively extinct on the …
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World Birds Taxonomic List: Genera and species with citations.
Xenicus (m.) Gray,GR 1855 Cat.Gen.Subgen.Birds p.31 Type. Xenicus longipes (Gmelin) 1789 Syst … pt2 p.979; Xenicus longipes stokesii Gray,GR 1862 Ibis p.219; Xenicus longipes variabilis …

Avibase – The World Bird Database
Avibase is an extensive database information system about all birds of the … Xenicus longipes variabilis: ssp. Xenicus gilviventris: Xenicus lyalli: Dendroscansor decurvirostris: fossil

New Zealand Birds | Birds | Gallery | bush wren, Xenicus longipes
bush wren, Xenicus longipes, found in New Zealand Birds’ bird gallery section, includes general … Species: longipes: Sub Species: stokesii, longipes, variabilis

IUCN 2008 Red List – Xenicus longipes
Evaluator/s: Bird, J. & Butchart, S. (BirdLife … Range Description: Xenicus longipes was endemic to the three main islands of New Zealand, with variabilis of Stewart Island last …

TerraNature | New Zealand Ecology – Flightless birds
New Zealand ecology – flightless birds … Xenicus longipes variabilis Extinct New Zealand quail Coturnix novaezelandiae

List of extinct New Zealand animals – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
… SB mammal, thought to be neither therian nor australosphenidan [edit] Birds … North Island Bush Wren, Xenicus longipes stokesi; Stewart Island Bush Wren, Xenicus longipes variabilis

List of birds of New Zealand – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This list of New Zealand birds is ordered by the Māori names (where known) with … Island Bush Wren, Xenicus longipes stokesi – extinct; Stead’s Bush Wren, Xenicus longipes variabilis – …

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