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Everett’s White-eye Zosterops everetti tahanensis Photographer : © David Bakewell: Location : Sungai Sedim, Kedah, Malaysia: Date : 17 May 2006: Equipment : Konica Minolta Dynax …

Everett’s White-eye – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Everett’s White-eye (Zosterops everetti) is a species of bird in the Zosteropidae family. It is found in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests and subtropical or tropical moist montanes.

Avibase – The World Bird Database
… an extensive database information system about all birds … Xanthomixis zosterops: Xanthomixis zosterops zosterops: ssp. … Tesia everetti: Tesia everetti everetti: ssp. Tesia everetti …

Birds of the world – Sibley-Monroe Checklist 16 – Bird Taxonomy …
… Zosterops hypolais Zosterops semperi Zosterops atricapillus Zosterops everetti Zosterops nigrorum … Chatham Islands Fernbird Brown Songlark Rufous Songlark Spinifex-bird Buff-banded …

Zosterops – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Zosterops is a genus of birds containing the typical white-eyes. They are traditionally placed in … Zosterops atricapilla – formerly atricapillus; Everett’s White-eye, Zosterops everetti …

Zosterops definition of Zosterops in the Free Online Encyclopedia.
spectacle bird: see white-eye white-eye, common name for warblerlike, arboreal birds … Zosterops everetti Zosterops explorator Zosterops ficedulinus Zosterops finschii

Alphabetic Bird Index to Photos on this Site
Name of Bird: Scientific Name: Photographer: Species Distribution: Additional Information … Everett’s White-eye: Zosterops everetti : Ivor Lee: Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo, Sulawesi …

Everett’s White-eye: Zosterops everetti : Yellowish White-eye: Zosterops nigrorum : Mountain White-eye: Zosterops montanus : Yellow-ringed White-eye: Zosterops wallacei

Bird Taxonomy
… atricapillus Black-capped White-eye 7420 Zosterops everetti … 7720 Eremiornis carteri Spinifex-bird …

Extinct Bird Species
… list of endangered and known or suspected extinct species or subspecies of birds … Cebu Everett’s White-Eye Zosterops Everetti Everetti 1906 Cebu Is. Sb Ext

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