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The Yellow-fronted White-eye or Vanuatu White-eye (Zosterops flavifrons) is a small passerine bird belonging to the genus Zosterops in the white-eye family Zosteropidae. It is endemic to Vanuatu where it is one of the commonest birds. It is 11-12 cm long. The adult male is yellow-green above while the underparts are bright yellow or yellow-green depending on the subspecies.

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Bird Species: Scientific Name: Common Name Zonerodius heliosylus Forest Bittern … Lemon-bellied White-eye Zosterops citrinellus Ashy-bellied White-eye Zosterops flavifrons Yellow …

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Zosterops is a genus of birds containing the typical white-eyes. They are traditionally placed in … White-eye, Zosterops explorator; Yellow-fronted White-eye, Zosterops flavifrons; Green …

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Search for information on all of the world’s bird species. … Yellow-fronted White-eye Zosterops flavifrons: LC…

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Name of Bird: Scientific Name: Photographer: Species Distribution: Additional Information … Yellow-fronted White-eye: Zosterops flavifrons… Vanuatu… Yellow-fronted Woodpecker 1

Vanuatu Birds > Sounds
A collection of Vanuatu bird calls. Knowledge of bird songs is a powerful identification skill and they often can’t be described in words. Browse, search and submit.

Vanuatu Birds > Birding Santo, Loru Rainforest Protected Area
A guide for bird watching the Loru Rainforest Protected Area. Loru is a … Yellow-fronted White-Eye (e) Zosterops flavifrons

White-eyes family – mainly images; gallery format
Bird species in the White-eyes family … Silver-eye Zosterops lateralis Yellow-fronted White-eye Zosterops flavifrons

Zosterops – Wikipedia
… Zosterops explorator) Gelbstirn-Brillenvogel (Zosterops flavifrons) Waldbrillenvogel … Lynx Edicions, 2008. ISBN 9788496553453 [Bearbeiten] Weblinks. Zosterops videos in der Internet Bird …
Vanuatu White-eye: Zosterops flavifrons : Sulphur White-eye: Zosterops minutus : Green-backed White-eye: Zosterops xanthochroa : Silvereye: Zosterops lateralis

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