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Zosterops is a genus of birds containing the typical white-eyes. They are traditionally … Zosterops (poliogastrus) winifredae; Kikuyu White-eye, Zosterops (poliogastrus) kikuyuensis.

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The Montane White-eye (Zosterops poliogastrus), also known as the Broad-ringed White-eye, is a species of bird in the … Kikuyu White-eye (Zosterops kikuyuensis). It is found in …

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Kikuyu-Brillenvogel (Zosterops poliogastrus kikuyuensis) Taita-Brillenvogel (Zosterops … Edicions, 2008. ISBN 9788496553453 [Bearbeiten] Weblinks. Zosterops videos in der Internet Bird …

Montane White-eye: Zosterops poliogastrus : Kikuyu White-eye: Zosterops kikuyuensis : Taita White-eye: Zosterops silvanus : Reunion Grey White-eye: Zosterops borbonicus

WINGS Birding Tours to Tanzania: The Eastern Arc Mountains and …
The Eastern Arc Mountains and Ngorongoro – Bird … Speckled Mousebird: 12: 25: Colius striatus kikuyuensis … Broad-ringed (Mbulu) White-eye: 1: 1: Zosterops poliogastrus mbulu

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… Pare selatan, Zosterops (poliogastrus) winifredae; Kacamata Kikuyu, Zosterops (poliogastrus) kikuyuensis. … A phylogenetic supertree of oscine passerine birds (Aves: Passeri). Zool.

Uganda & Tanzania August 2006 – Trip Report | Rockjumper Birding Tours …
Some of the Bird Species Recorded: English Name … Andropadus kikuyuensis (nigriceps) Baeopogon indicator … Zosterops poliogastrus Zosterops abyssinicus Oriolus auratus

(From the start to the end of Falconidae superspecies are not recorded …
tephrolaemus; bamendae; (HM + kikuyuensis here placed in A. nigriceps); (BoA + nigriceps; usambarae; neumanni; fusciceps; chlorigula; kikuyuensis here considered a separate species)

(From the start to the end of Falconidae superspecies are not recorded …
tephrolaemus; bamendae; kikuyuensis (CMT, HBW places in A. nigriceps); (BoA + nigriceps; usambarae; neumanni; fusciceps; chlorigula here considered as a separate species)

Les oiseaux d’Afrique
Bulbul à bec court: Phyllastrephus zosterops: Spectacled Greenbul: Bulbul à bec grêle: Andropadus gracilirostris: Slender-billed Greenbul: Bulbul à collier noir: Neolestes torquatus: Black …

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