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Aerodramus spodiopygius (Peale, 1848) Synonyms; Collocalia … The White-rumped Swiftlet (Aerodramus spodiopygia) is a species of swift in … Birds in Australia are now often treated as a …

ITIS Standard Report Page: Aerodramus spodiopygius
Banks : Notes: Chief, Bird Section, U.S.G.S. – B.R.D. – P.W.R.C. Reference for: Aerodramus spodiopygius … Reference for: Aerodramus spodiopygius, White-rumped Swiftlet …

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… Swiftlet Aerodramus papuensis – Papuan Swiftlet Aerodramus spodiopygius – White-rumped Swiftlet (2) … Copyright 2009 Australian Bird Image Database. All rights reserved.

ITIS Standard Report Page: Aerodramus
… Mossy-nest Swiftlet : Species: Aerodramus spodiopygius (Peale, 1848) — White-rumped Swiftlet … Banks : Notes: Chief, Bird Section, U.S.G.S. – B.R.D. – P.W.R …

Ufficio del turismo di Tonga in Italia – Uccelli terrestri di Tonga …
… Probably the most abundant land bird in … WHITE-ROMPED SWIFTLET, PEKEPEKATEA (Aerodramus spodiopygius) … to the much more abundant White-rumped Swiftlet.

Mangoverde World Bird Guide Family Page: Swifts
This is the Swifts page of the Mangoverde World Bird Guide. From … White-rumped Swiftlet : Aerodramus spodiopygius : 0: 0: 0: Australian Swiftlet : Aerodramus terraereginae : 0: 0: 0

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Ingredient of bird nest soup One fact that these birds (only a few … Mountain Swiftlet , Aerodramus hirundinaceus White-rumped Swiftlet , Aerodramus spodiopygius Australian …

Aerodramus spodiopygius White-rumped Swiftlet The separation of echo-locating taxa from Collocalia into … and Diamond 2001), based on their resemblance to New Caledonia birds …

White-rumped Swiftlet: Aerodramus spodiopygius : Australian Swiftlet: Aerodramus terraereginae : Himalayan Swiftlet: Aerodramus brevirostris : Volcano Swiftlet: Aerodramus vulcanorum

Swifts – info and games
Swifts are the most aerial of birds and some, like the Common Swift … Aerodramus infuscatus; Mountain Swiftlet, Aerodramus hirundinaceus; White-rumped Swiftlet, Aerodramus spodiopygius …

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