White-throated Swift: Aeronautes saxatalis
Photographs of this fast flying bird, a description, range map and sound file.

White-throated Swift
A presentation of bird photographs, songs, identification tips … White-throated swift Aeronautes saxatalis

White-throated Swift – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The White-throated Swift (Aeronautes saxatalis) is a swift of the family Apodidae native to western North … Cornell Lab species account; Photo-High Res; Article–(bird photo …

Acronym Finder: WTSW stands for White-Throated Swift (bird species Aeronautes saxatalis) … What does WTSW stand for? White-Throated Swift (bird species Aeronautes saxatalis)

White-throated Swift – Whatbird.com
White-throated Swift: Medium-sized swift, mostly brown-black … May be the most rapid flying North American bird … Aeronautes saxatalis

White-throated Swift: Information from Answers.com
white-throated swift Aeronautes saxatalis 6-7″ (15-18 cm). Known from other N. … Western Bird Guide: white-throated swift

ITIS Standard Report Page: Aeronautes saxatalis
Banks : Notes: Chief, Bird Section, U.S.G.S. – B.R.D. – P.W.R.C. Reference for: Aeronautes saxatalis … Reference for: Aeronautes saxatalis, White-throated Swift : Author(s …

Comprehensive Report Species – Aeronautes saxatalis
White-throated Swift (AERONAUTES SAXATALIS). No. 526 IN A. Poole and F. Gill, editors, The birds of North … The North American Breeding Bird Survey: Results and Analysis 1966 …

White Throated Swift Aeronautes Saxatalis
A picture for Canst::animal White Throated Swift scientific name Aeronautes Saxatalis

White-Throated Swift – MSN Encarta
… White-throated Swift (Aeronautes saxatalis) is a swift of the family Apodidae native to western North America, south to cordilleran western Honduras.

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