ITIS Standard Report Page: Amazilia boucardi
… American Ornithologists’ Union’s "LIST OF THE 2,037 BIRD SPECIES (WITH … 42-46), maintained at Reference for: Amazilia boucardi, Mangrove Hummingbird [English]

The Hummingbird Society
… are the world’s second largest family of birds with … Amazilia boucardi (Polyerata boucardi) … Mangrove Hummingbird

Amazilia – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
… chested Hummingbird, Amazilia rosenbergi or Polyerata rosenbergi; Mangrove Hummingbird, Amazilia boucardi or … G.; Stotz, D.F. & Zimmer K.J. (2008): A classification of the bird …

VIREO Bird photos. Visual Resources for Ornithology The Academy of …
VIREO bird pictures in searchable … Selected Image: Mangrove Hummingbird, b13/10/018. Common Name: Mangrove Hummingbird: Scientific Name: Amazilia boucardi

ITIS Standard Report Page: Amazilia
… vertebrates, vertébrés : Class: Aves — Birds … Colibrí berilo : Species: Amazilia boucardi (Mulsant, 1877) — Mangrove Hummingbird

InfoNatura – Detailed Report
Scientific Name: Amazilia boucardi Authority: (Mulsant, 1877) English Common Name: Mangrove Hummingbird … Check-list of North American birds. Seventh …

Complete list of bird species endemic to Costa Rica and neighboring … Mangrove Hummingbird. Amazilia boucardi. Alfaro’s Hummingbird (extinct ?) Amazilia alfaroana

Nature Photography by Glenn Bartley – Birds of Costa Rica
… Beryl-crowned Hummingbird (Amazilia decora) Mangrove Hummingbird (Amazilia boucardi) White … HERONS & MARSH BIRDS. Yellow-crowned Night …

Hummingbird family Trochilidae
The displaying male Mangrove Hummingbird Amazilia boucardi was at Rio Rincon, Osa Peninsula … First records of Xantus’ Hummingbird in California. West. Birds 23: 133-136.

Costa Rica endemic birds
Over 850 bird species have been recorded in Costa Rica, but only six are … It is Mangrove Hummingbird Amazilia boucardi. It is listed as Endangered by Birdlife International because …

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