Mangoverde World Bird Guide Species Page: Canivet’s Emerald
This is the Canivet’s Emerald (Chlorostilbon canivetii) multimedia field guide page of the Mangoverde World Bird Guide.

Audubon Science – Christmas Bird Count
Results: Species Observations : Canivet’s Emerald Chlorostilbon canivetii for the Mexico & Belize region View all counts…

Birding Honduras – Photos
… Amazilia luciae Honduras’s only endemic bird. Canivet’s Emerald Chlorostilbon canivetii salvini

Hummingbirds of Mexico
… name, date & location of photo, and anecdotal info about the bird.) … Cozumel Emerald, Chlorostilbon forficatus (Endemic) Canivet’s Emerald, Chlorostilbon canivetii; Blue-capped …

Hummingbirds of Belize
… name, date & location of photo, and anecdotal info about the bird.) … Abeillia abeillei; Black-crested Coquette, Lophornis helenae; Canivet’s Emerald, Chlorostilbon canivetii; Stripe …
Canivet’s Emerald: Chlorostilbon canivetii : Magnolia Warbler: Dendroica … 158: Trochilidae: Chlorostilbon: canivetii: Canivet’s (Fork-tailed) Emerald: X: Esmeralda de Canivet
Canivet’s Emerald: Chlorostilbon canivetii : Salvin’s Emerald: Chlorostilbon salvini: PS (17) Garden Emerald: Chlorostilbon assimilis : Blue-tailed Emerald: Chlorostilbon mellisugus

Ecological Archives A013-005-A1
Tropical countryside bird assemblages: richness, composition, and … Canivet’s Emerald. Chlorostilbon canivetii • P : Rufous-tailed Hummingbird

xeno-canto :: bird songs from tropical America
Canivet’s Emerald: Chlorostilbon canivetii : White-tailed Hummingbird: Eupherusa poliocerca : Blue-capped Hummingbird: Eupherusa cyanophrys : Mexican Woodnymph: Thalurania ridgwayi

Banding Summary for Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras 09/11/2005 – 11/15 …
… 15/2005 © 2005 The University of Southern Mississippi Migratory Bird … Myiarchus tyrannulus 20 Canada Warbler Wilsonia candadensis 4 Canivet’s Emerald (R) Chlorostilbon canivetii 20 …

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