Distribution Map – Black Swift (Cypseloides niger)
Black Swift (Cypseloides niger) distribution map … represent the western subspecies C. n. borealis. The Black Swift … topographic relief there than in the northern …

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
The black swift, Cypseloides niger, occurs in … in this range is Cypseloides niger borealis … range of the black swift is thought to be Central America, possibly into northern …

Comprehensive Report Species – Cypseloides niger
… birds of Mexico and northern Central America. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK. Johnson, P. W. 1990. Black swift (CYPSELOIDES NIGER … black swift (CYPSELOIDES NIGER BOREALIS …

Western Riverside County MSHCP
Black swift Cypseloides niger borealis Class: Aves Order: Apodiformes Family: … Birds of northern California, an annotated field list. 2nd ed. Golden Gate …

blca bird list
Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park Bird List … C S __Red-tailed Hawk Buteo jamaicensis O P __Northern … throated Swift Aeronautes saxatalisC S __Black Swift Cypseloides niger R M …

Catalogue of British Columbia Birds by Francis Kermode – Full Text …
Black Swift. _Cypseloides niger borealis_ (Ridgw.). Common near Victoria during migration … Northern Shrike. Butcher-bird. _Lanius borealis_ (Vieill.). Not common, but found distributed …

WAGAP Bird Maps
… Project’s Predicted Distribution Map Black Swift (Cypseloides niger) … the western subspecies C. n. borealis. The Black Swift is often … topographic relief there than in the northern …

Identify a Bird by its Latin Name
… site, you can identify all the birds … Colaptes auratus: Flicker, Northern: Collumba livia: Dove, Rock: Contopus borealis … Cypseloides niger: Swift, Black: Dendragapus obscurus: Grouse, Blue

Journey North Teacher’s Manual
Black Swift: Cypseloides niger: Chimney Swift: Chaetura pelagica … Olive-sided Flycatcher: Cont pus borealis: Western Wood … Northern Rough-winged Swallow: Steigidopteryx serripen

Ornithology — AOU Checklists (4)
Black Swift Cypseloides niger : Black Swift Cypseloides niger : Black Swift … Colaptes auratus: LQc: Northern Flicker Colaptes auratus: S … Dryobates borealis : Red-cockaded Woodpecker Dryobates …

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