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The Jamaican Pauraque, Jamaican Poorwill, or Jamaican Least-pauraqué (Siphonorhis americana or americanus) is a … endangered species | Caprimulgiformes stubs | Siphonorhis | Birds of …

Rare Birds in the Caribbean during FONT Birding Tours
The only other member of the genus, SIPHONORHIS AMERICANA, the JAMAICAN POORWILL (or "JAMAICAN PAURAQUE"), is now believed to be extinct. The LEAST POORWILL is a small bird, with a …

nightjar – Species
A nocturnal bird of the widespread family … Yucatan Poorwill, Nyctiphrynus yucatanicus Common Poorwill, Phalaenoptilus nuttallii Jamaican Pauraque, Siphonorhis americana …

AOU – Check-list of North American Birds
Check-list of North American Birds. The Committee on Classification and … Common Pauraque ; Phalaenoptilus nuttallii Common Poorwill ; Siphonorhis americana Jamaican Pauraque ; Siphonorhis …

Dominican Republic Birding Tour Highlights
… evening, we encountered both the Least Poorwill and the Hispaniolan Nightjar. In April, some birds … The only other member of the genus, Siphonorhis americana, the Jamaican …

nightjar: Definition from Answers.com
… Small to medium-sized nocturnal and crepuscular birds with small bill … Jamaican poorwill (Siphonorhis americana; last reliably recorded in 1859) and Puerto Rican nightjar ( …

World Checklist of Non-Passerine Birds
A World checklist of Non-Passerine Birds … 2 Greater Rhea Rhea americana 3 Lesser Rhea Rhea pennata … 579 Jamaican Woodpecker Melanerpes radiolatus

The 2,009 birds found in North and Central America and Hawaii
The 2,009 wild bird species of North and Central … Wood Stork: Mycteria americana: Black Vulture: Coragyps … Jamaican Poorwill: Siphonorhis americanus: Least Poorwill: Siphonorhis brewsteri

Bird Taxonomy
Bird Taxonomy Page 4 [Home] [Site Map] [ … Poorwill 2361 Siphonorhis americanus Jamaican Poorwill … 2783 Grus americana …

xeno-canto :: bird songs from the Americas
Greater Rhea: Rhea americana : 56.00: Lesser Rhea: Rhea pennata : 58.00: Plain Chachalaca: Ortalis vetula : 98.00: Gray-headed Chachalaca: Ortalis cinereiceps : 99.00

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