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The Great Auk, Pinguinus impennis, formerly of the genus Alca, is a bird that became extinct in the mid-19th century. It was the only species in the genus Pinguinus, a group which included several flightless giant auks from the Atlantic, to survive until modern times. It was also known as garefowl (from the Old Norse geirfugl, meaning "spear-bird", a reference to the shape of its beak), or penguin (before the birds known by that name today were so called).
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Naturalis – Extinct bird: Pinguinus impennis (Great Auk)
3D pictures of the extinct Great Auk (Pinguinus impennis) in the Naturalis collection (Leiden, the Netherlands).

great auk, Pinguinus impennis: Information from
great auk , Pinguinus impennis large large flightless auk of rocky islands off North Atlantic … auk (bird) Great auk; Auks, Puffins, and Murres (Alcidae) (zoology) 1844 (chronology)

Birds of Iceland: Pinguinus impennis, great auk
Information on Pinguinus impennis, great auk, on Iceland with photo’s … Pinguinus impennis; If you go to Iceland you will not see the great auk. In fact no one today will ever …

Pinguinus impennis definition of Pinguinus impennis in the Free Online …
great auk: see auk auk (ôk), common name for a member of the family Alcidae (alcid family), swimming and diving birds of the N Atlantic and Pacific, which..

Recently Extinct Animals – Species Info – Great Auk
The Great Auk Pinguinus impennis. Extinct Birds from John James Audubon’s Birds of America – Great Auk. Canadian Biodiversity:

Great Auk (Pinguinus impennis)
For the purposes of our bird news services, Great Auk is classed as ungraded: species which are unlikely to appear as wild birds in Britain or Ireland (Note that rarity levels are …

Pinguinus impennis – definition of Pinguinus impennis by the Free …
Noun: 1. Pinguinus impennis – large flightless auk of rocky islands off northern Atlantic coasts; extinct. great auk. auk – black-and-white short-necked web-footed diving bird of northern …

Pinguinus definition of Pinguinus in the Free Online Encyclopedia.
… swimming and diving birds of the N Atlantic and Pacific, which….. Click the link for more information.. great auk. Mounted specimen of great auk (Pinguinus impennis)

Pinguinus impennis – Great Auk specimen(s) in the ZMA
Specimen(s) of Great Auk (Pinguinus impennis) in the Zoological Museum Amsterdam (ZMA). … Its extinction was largely due to the ease with which the birds were captured …

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