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The Ryukyu Wood-pigeon (Columba jouyi), otherwise known as the Silver-banded or Silver … Categories: Extinct species | Columbiformes stubs | Columba | Extinct birds | Ryukyu Islands

Ryukyu Pigeon (Columba jouyi) – BirdLife species factsheet
Search for information on all of the world’s bird species. … BirdLife Species Champions appeal Donate to this groundbreaking initiative so that together we can turn the tide on …

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The large bird genus Columba comprises a group of medium to large stout-bodied … Bonin Wood-pigeon, Columba versicolor – extinct (c.1890) Ryukyu Wood-pigeon, Columba jouyi – extinct …

IUCN 2008 Red List – Columba jouyi
… Ryukyu Pigeon, Ryukyu Wood Pigeon … Evaluator/s: Bird, J. & Butchart, S. (BirdLife … Range Description: Columba jouyi was endemic to Okinawa and …

Columbidae) Chilean Pigeon Columba araucana (Columbidae) Ryukyu Wood-pigeon Columba jouyi … water, and there cannot be the thing that it grows a head like other birds …

Oriental Bird Club Image Database :
Bird Species: Scientific Name: Common Name Caprimulgus centralasicus Vaurie’s … Whitehead’s Swiftlet Columba argentina Silvery Pigeon Columba jouyi Ryukyu Pigeon

Extict Bird List
A list of recently and not so recently extict birds … Ryukyu Wood Pigeon: Columba jouyi: Ryukyu Is. Japan: 1936: Passenger Pigeon: Ectopistes migratorius: USA: 1914

State of Japan’s Environment at a Glance: Extinct and Endangered …
Birds: Nycticorax caledonicus crassirostris: Rufous night heron (Ogasawara island … Columba jouyi: Ryukyu wood pigeon: Columba versicolor: Bonin wood pigeon: Halcyon miyakoensis: Miyako kingfisher

Linnaean Classification of the Order Columbiformes
This sample amounts to just 3% of the list of bird species of the world. … White-headed Pigeon ; Columba Versicolor , Bonin Wood-pigeon ; Columba Jouyi , Ryukyu Pigeon ; Columba …

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Ryukyu Pigeon Columba jouyi Yellow-legged Pigeon Columba pallidiceps White-crowned … One of the Fifty Rarest Birds of the World… Victoria Crowned Pigeon Goura victoria

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