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Also Known As: Green Parakeet, Mexican … Species Profile Genus: Aratinga Species: holochlora … Eye orange/brown. A.h. brewsteri: both adults as in holochlora, but a darker green with …

Texas Birds during FONT Birding & Nature Tours
Black-capped Vireo, a Texas bird … Egretta thula brewsteri A Snowy Egret in … Green Parakeet (NAr) _____ s (mex) Aratinga holochlora

Biologybase: long version, Parrots of the World VERY LONG
Aratinga holochlora Green … brewsteri A. h. strenua A. h. holochlora A. h. rubritorquis A. h. brevipes also Aratinga … Green-rumped Parrotlet, Guinana Parrotlet, Parakeet, Love-bird

Texas Birds during FONT tours
IN TEXAS, MORE BIRD SPECIES HAVE BEEN … Egretta thula brewsteri; Little Blue Heron … Green Parakeet (*) _____ south (mex) Aratinga holochlora

xeno-canto :: bird songs from the Americas
Green-winged Teal: Anas crecca : 507.00: Puna Teal: Anas puna : 510.00: Silver Teal: Anas … Parakeet Auklet: Aethia psittacula : 1940.00: Crested Auklet: Aethia cristatella : 1941.00

AOU – Check-list of North American Birds
The List of the 2,048 Bird Species known for the … Conuropsis carolinensis Carolina Parakeet ; Aratinga holochlora Green Parakeet … Jamaican Pauraque ; Siphonorhis brewsteri Least …

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Bird species articles Wikipedia has already, and ones it doesn’t yet have … Gallus sonneratii Grey Junglefowl; Gallus lafayetii Ceylon Junglefowl; Gallus varius Green …

xeno-canto :: bird songs from tropical America
Green Parakeet: Aratinga holochlora : Pacific Parakeet: Aratinga strenua : Scarlet-fronted Parakeet: Aratinga wagleri : Mitred Parakeet: Aratinga mitrata : Red-masked Parakeet: Aratinga erythrogenys

Avibase – Bird Checklists of the World – Amer. Ornithol. Union bird …
Avibase – Bird Checklists of the World Amer … Green Parakeet: Aratinga holochlora: Pacific Parakeet: Aratinga strenua … Least Poorwill: Siphonorhis brewsteri: Data deficient

World Checklist of Non-Passerine Birds
246 Green Junglefowl Gallus varius 247 Kalij Pheasant Lophura leucomelanos 248 Silver Pheasant Lophura nycthemera 249 Imperial Pheasant Lophura imperialis

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