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… Parakeet, Nicaraguan Green Conure; Aratinga (holochlora) brevipes, Socorro Parakeet; Aratinga (holochlora) rubritorquis, Red-throated Parakeet … A classification of the bird … – Conure
Avian Biotech – Bird … Orange-fronted Parakeet: Aratinga aurea … Green Conure: Aratinga holochlora holochlora: Red-throated Conure: Aratinga holochlora rubritorquis – Conure
Carribean Parakeet: Aratinga pertinax … Green Conure: Aratinga holochlora holochlora: Green-cheeked … Red-throated Conure: Aratinga holochlora rubritorquis

Lexicon of Parrots
… Europe’s largest bird magazine … Aratinga holochlora: Green Conure: Aratinga rubritorquis: Red-throated … breasted Parakeet: Aratinga …

Aratinga / Aztec and Jamaican Conures: Species Information and Photos
… Parakeet, "Nicaraguan Green Conure" – Aratinga (holochlora) strenua; Socorro Parakeet Aratinga (holochlora) brevipes, Red-throated Parakeet Aratinga (holochlora) rubritorquis

Division of Migratory Bird Management – Bird Species of the United …
Bird Species of the United … Aratinga holochlora, Green Parakeet^ (TX) … Aratinga rubritorquis, Red-throated Parakeet …

Updates & Corrections — Clements Checklist
… Aratinga holochlora. Each retains its identity as the groups:-Green Parakeet (Socorro) Aratinga holochlora brevipes-Green Parakeet (Red-throated) Aratinga holochlora rubritorquis

birding facts Birding Resources by the Fat Birder
… guides, bird … Green Parakeet Aratinga holochlora Pacific Parakeet Aratinga strenua Socorro Parakeet Aratinga brevipes Red-throated Parakeet Aratinga rubritorquis

Parrots National Zoo of Nicaragua Atelier Yoyita Art Gallery
… birdlike beak – and not from a bird. … Green Parakeet, Aratinga holochlora * Green Pygmy Parrot … Red-throated Parakeet, Aratinga rubritorquis * Red-winged Parrot …

Bird Jewelry by Dawn
Bird Jewelry by Dawn. Parrot Jewelry … Green Parakeet, Aratinga holochlora … Red-throated Parakeet, Aratinga rubritorquis

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