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… Northern Pygmy-Owl (Mountain) Glaucidium gnoma gnoma-Northern Pygmy-Owl (Pacific) Glaucidium gnoma [californicum Group]-Northern Pygmy-Owl (Rocky Mts.) Glaucidium gnoma pinicola

Sierra Nevada Species Accounts
NORTHERN PYGMY-OWL – Glaucidium gnoma. Stat: R-SDM West: uS,xT,iuW. … Grinnell and Miller (1944) distinguish pinicola on … Also occurs sparingly in Rocky Mts. Because the …

Birds of Linn County, Oregon
Northern Pygmy-Owl (Glaucidium gnoma) Common resident in conifer forests. … June “years ago . . . in the mts.” (Bill … Pine Grosbeak (Pinicola enucleator) Rare and …

Full text of "The bird book : illustrating in natural colors more than …
They nest indiffer- ently on high rocky cliffs or on low sandy islands. … A more northern bird than the last, breeding abund- antly in Alaska, both on the coast and …

Full text of "Birds of Oregon"
… ir dsofO regon Northern Spotted … volume, the first comprehensive bird book … of Pygmy Owls in Oregon: i, Rocky Mountain Pygmy Owl (Glauci- dium gnoma pinicola); z …

Glaucidium gnoma pinicola Nelson … averaging more than 163 ram.). (Northern North America, east of Rocky Mts … days!).–COOKE, Bird Migr. Miss. Val …

Birds of Linn County, Oregon
… Abies amabilis) zones, riparian areas, grass seed fields, rocky … The bird finding guide lists Bald Eagle and Northern Saw-whet Owl in this area as well.

… Pygmy-Owl (Pacific)</strong> <em>Glaucidium gnoma</em> [<em>californicum</em> Group]<br>-<strong>Northern Pygmy-Owl (Rocky Mts.)</strong> <em>Glaucidium gnoma pinicola</em><br …

Common Loon (Gavia immer)
… and as the compilation of the Seattle Audubon Society’s Breeding Bird … Nesting habitat ranges from sandy islands in Grays Harbor to rocky islets along the northern coast.

Draft Avian Conservation Plan for the Sierra Nevada Bioregion:
… of LS/OG forest characteristics such as large trees, abundant snags, and large downed logs, have placed many high-profile LS/OG dependent bird species such as Spotted Owl, Northern …

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