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… pigeon, Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae, found in New Zealand Birds … novaeseelandiae, which breed on the three main islands and chathamensis, which breed on the Chatham Islands and which are a larger bird.

New Zealand pigeon – Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae – Information – ARKive
… New Zealand pigeon (Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae … pigeon is now the only remaining native bird with a bill big enough to disperse the fruit of New Zealand … chathamensis) is found only in the Chatham …

Images of the New Zealand pigeon – Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae – ARKive
Images of the New Zealand pigeon (Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae … Threatened Birds  >  New Zealand pigeon … Chatham Island pigeon, H. n. chathamensis

Hemiphaga – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
KererÅ« or New Zealand Pigeon (Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae). Parea or Chatham Island Pigeon (Hemiphaga chathamensis). … The Clements Checklist of the Birds of …

Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae – New Zealand Pigeon specimen(s) in the ZMA
… New Zealand Pigeon (Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae … novaeseelandiae on New Zealand and its small offshore islets, chathamensis on the Chatham Is … Island Kaka Nestor productus; only one bird …

KererÅ« – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The kererÅ« or New Zealand Pigeon (Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae) is a bird endemic to New Zealand. … found on Raoul Island. [3] The Parea or Chatham Island Pigeon (Hemiphaga chathamensis …

Threatened Birds of New Zealand
… New Zealand birds has … New Zealand dotterel: Haematopus chathamensis: Chatham Island oysterchatcher: Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae chathamensis: Chatham Island pigeon …

TerraNature | Chatham Island birds
… Chatham Island pigeon population got down to 40 birds in 1986. The last surviving 120 New Zealand … Chatham Island pigeon (Parea) Hemiphaga chathamensis [1] Nationally critical New Zealand shore plover Thinornis novaeseelandiae

New Zealand Birding Network Brings You The Best Of New Zealand Birding
… focus on rare and endangered endemic birds, iconic new zealand bird … Chatham Island Pigeon Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae chathamensis

Facts about New Zealand pigeon/kererū: New Zealand native land birds
… New Zealand pigeon (Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae) known to the Maori as kererÅ«, or in Northland as kÅ«kÅ« or kÅ«kupa, and the Chatham Islands pigeon (Hemiphaga chathamensis) or … Chatham Island …

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