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The White-tipped Dove (Leptotila verreauxi) is a large New World … and coastal Mexico, L. v. decolor … White-tipped Dove videos on the Internet Bird Collection; Stamps (for …

ITIS Standard Report Page: Leptotila verreauxi
… Leptotila verreauxi decolor (Salvin … Chief, Bird Section, U.S.G.S. – B.R.D. – P.W.R.C. Reference for: Leptotila verreauxi … Leptotila verreauxi, White-tipped Dove

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… most sought-after (but not necessarily rare) neotropical Andean bird … EARED DOVE (Zenaida auriculata hypoleuca) WHITE-TIPPED DOVE (Leptotila verreauxi decolor) Columbidae WHITE-TIPPED …

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… out as the most unexpected rarity of the trip; this is a hard bird to … central valley. COMMON GROUND-DOVE (Columbina passerina quitensis) WHITE-TIPPED DOVE (Leptotila verreauxi decolor …

Bird watching Trip Report from Ecuador
a bird watching trip report on Ecuador … White-tipped Dove – Leptotila verreauxi decolor Singles were seen along the Tanager Trail at Tandayapa on the …

August 2008 Taxonomic Update — eBird
Finally, we have added many bird names that eBird users have … Leptotila verreauxi decolor: White-tipped Dove (decolor) subspecies: Agapornis sp. lovebird sp. spuh

Costa Rica birds during FONT Birding & Nature Tours
A Costa Rica bird list compiled by … White-tipped Dove _____ N S H 26 (a former name was White-fronted Dove) Leptotila v, verreauxi

Panama Birds during FONT Birding Tours & Nature Tours
Bird-List: Great Tinamou … White-tipped (formerly White-fronted) Dove _____ CB CH CL DL EP Leptotila v. verreauxi … ruficollis decolor ; Bank Swallow …

Paloma Coliblanca White-tipped Dove Leptotila verreauxi (decolor). Común en la tierra y volando, fuera y dentro … Press, Washington D.C., and International Council for Bird …

BRENDA: Entry of cytochrome-c oxidase (EC-Number
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