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The Dieffenbach’s Rail (Gallirallus dieffenbachii) was a species of bird in the Rallidae family. It was endemic to New Zealand. It became extinct due to introduced predators. [edit] Source. BirdLife International 2004. Gallirallus dieffenbachii. 2006 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Downloaded on 24 July 2007.

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… Guam Rail, Gallirallus owstoni – extinct in the wild (late 1980s) Dieffenbach’s Rail, Gallirallus dieffenbachii – … A similar bird was found to live on nearby Vava‘u in 1793. Given …

IUCN 2008 Red List – Gallirallus dieffenbachii
… Dieffenbach’s Rail … Evaluator/s: Bird, J. & Butchart, S. (BirdLife … Range Description: Gallirallus dieffenbachii was endemic to Chatham …

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Justification: Dieffenbach’s Rail Gallirallus dieffenbachii was endemic to Chatham, Mangere and Pitt Islands, New … Bird Reference Citations. The numbers inserted in the text accounts …

Bird: Threatened species classifications
Bird Antarctic prion. Taxon – Pachyptila desolata Threat Classification … Dieffenbach’s rail. Taxon – Gallirallus dieffenbachii Threat Classification – Extinct.

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Local contacts, guides, bird clubs and birding organisations in … Dieffenbach`s Rail Gallirallus dieffenbachii Chatham Islands Rail Gallirallus modestus

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The kiwi, New Zealand’s national bird and sports symbol, probably … Dieffenbach’s rail Gallirallus dieffenbachii. Stewart Island snipe Coenocorypha aucklandica iredalei

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Name of Bird: Scientific Name: Photographer: Species Distribution: Additional … Dieffenbach’s Rail: Gallirallus dieffenbachii … Chatham Islands… Dimorphic Egret: Egretta dimorpha: Liz Leydon …

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… many characteristics that are more typical of a mammal than a bird … Dieffenbach’s rail Gallirallus dieffenbachii Extinct Auckland Island’s rail

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… Gallicolumba ferruginea Tanna Ground-Dove Gallinula pacifica Samoan Moorhen Gallirallus conditicius Gilbert Rail Gallirallus dieffenbachii Dieffenbach’s Rail

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