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The Kosrae Island Crake or Kusaie Island Crake (Porzana monasa), sometimes also stated as Kittlitz’s Rail, is an extinct bird from the family Rallidae. It occurred on the island of Kosrae and perhaps on Ponape in the south-western Pacific which belong both to the Caroline Islands.

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… Hawaiian Rail, Porzana sandwichensis (c.1890) Kosrae Island Crake, Porzana monasa (c. mid-late 19th … Genera of birds | Porzana | Gruiformes stubs

IUCN 2008 Red List – Porzana monasa
… Kosrae Crake … Evaluator/s: Bird, J. & Butchart, S. (BirdLife … Range Description: Porzana monasa was endemic to coastal swamps and …

SCRICCIOLO: Extinct Birds
LIST OF THE EXTINCT BIRDS : Remember ! SAVE THE BIRDS … Porzana monasa: Kosrae Crake: Porphyrio albus : Lord Howe Island Swamphen: Gallinula pacifica: Samoan Moorhen

The Traveler’s Roost: Birding Micronesia
… of 38 species of which 15 are resident plus two extinct endemics [Kosrae Crake (Porzana monasa … I saw 50% of the birds on the Kosrae list during my short stays. Marshall Islands

BIRDNET: Gruiformes species list
Congress Birds & birding Avian orders About the lists: BIRDNET Site Map … Kosrae Crake Porzana monasa Henderson Island Crake Porzana atra Yellow-breasted Crake Porzana …

Living Archipelagos – Proposed Sites
Kosrae has 41 species of birds (Dahl 1991), six of which are restricted-range bird species: … Flying-fox (Pteropus mariannas)- endangered (IUCN 2003) · Kosrae Crake (Porzana monasa …

Extinct Birds since 1700 Africa: Large St Helena Petrel: Pterodroma rupinarum … Kosrae Crake: Porzana monasa: White-winged Sandpiper: Prosobonia ellisi: Tahitian Sandpiper: Prosobonia …

Extict Bird List
A list of recently and not so recently extict birds … Hawaiin Rail: Porzana sandwichensis: Hawaii: 1884: Kosrae Crake: Aphanolimnas monasa: Caroline Is. 1827

EXTINCT BIRDS: Systematic list – Geographical review
Extinct birds Systematic List with approximate years of extinction … Porzana monasa (Kittlitz,1858) Kosrae Crake Probably Extinct e.Caroline Is.(Kosrae)

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