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The White-winged Brush-finch (Atlapetes leucopterus) is a species of bird in the Emberizidae family. It is found in Ecuador and Peru. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical dry forests, subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests, subtropical or tropical moist montanes, and heavily degraded former forest.

Atlapetes leucopterus – White-winged Brush-Finch
Atlapetes leucopterus White-winged Brush-Finch … A bird feeding on a feeder. Tandayapa lodge …

Audubon Science – Christmas Bird Count
Results: Species Observations : White-winged Brush-Finch Atlapetes leucopterus for the Andean South America region View all counts

Ecuador occupies the fourth place in the World in bird’s diversity … Tricolored- Brush Finch (Atlapetes tricolour) and White-winged Brush Finch (Atlapetes leucopterus), Gray …

White-winged Brush Finch: Atlapetes leucopterus : White-headed Brush Finch: Atlapetes albiceps : Pale-headed Brush Finch: Atlapetes pallidiceps : Bay-crowned Brush Finch: Atlapetes seebohmi

Bird Taxonomy
Bird Taxonomy Page 9 [Home] [Site Map] [Info Page] [Links … Rusty-bellied Brush-Finch 9013 Atlapetes leucopterus White-winged Brush-Finch …

A classification of the bird species of South America
A classification of the bird species of South America. South American … Atlapetes leucopterus White-winged Brush-Finch 54b Atlapetes albiceps White-headed Brush-Finch 54c

birding facts Birding Resources by the Fat Birder
Local contacts, guides, bird clubs and birding organisations in … White-winged Brush-Finch Atlapetes leucopterus White-headed Brush-Finch Atlapetes albiceps

Saraguro Bird List
BIRD LIST FOR THE SARAGURO AREA … Brush-Finch, White-Winged: Atlapetes leucopterus Bush-Tanager, Common: Chlorospingus ophthalmicus

Mangoverde World Bird Guide Family Page: Buntings, Sparrows …
… Sparrows, Seedeaters and Allies page of the Mangoverde World Bird … White-winged Brush-Finch : Atlapetes leucopterus : 0: 0: 0: White-headed Brush-Finch : Atlapetes albiceps : 0: 0: 0

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