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The Purple Finch, Carpodacus purpureus, is a small finch of … two subspecies of the Purple Finch, C. p. purpureus and C. p. californicus. C … Handbook of Birds of the Western United …

Purple Finch Wiki resources & Purple Finch information at HealthHaven …
The Purple Finch is one of 24 birds in the genus Carpodacus and is … of the Purple Finch, C. p. purpureus and C. p. californicus. C. p … Handbook of Birds of the Western …

Distribution Map – Purple Finch (Carpoducus purpureus)
Purple Finch (Carpoducus purpureus) … the western subspecies C. p. californicus. In the eastern Cascades, all three Carpodacus species (e.g. Cassin’s, House, and Purple … Bird …

Mount Rainier National Park (Nature Notes)
… List gives this bird the territory up to and including the eastern slopes of the Cascades. The California purple finch (Carpodacus purpureus californicus) gets the low western side …

San Diego County Bird Atlas
… Purple Finch Carpodacus purpureus … western subspecies of the Purple Finch, C. p. californicus … Carpodacus mexicanus. The House Finch is the most abundant bird …

WINGS Birding Tours to California: The Southern Sierra and the Kern …
… Sierra and the Kern River Valley – Bird … 2: Western Grebe: 2: 6: Aechmophorus occidentalis: 2 … 2: Purple Finch : 1: 4: H: Carpodacus purpureus californicus

Identify a Bird by its Latin Name
Now, on one site, you can identify all the birds … Carpodacus purpureus: Finch, Purple: Catharus fuscescens: Veery … Larus californicus: Gull, California: Larus delawarensis …

State Birds
State Birds of the United States including photos. … For example, the Cardinal, Western Meadowlark, and … New Hampshire – Purple Finch Carpodacus purpureus

The Giant Sequoia of the Sierra Nevada (Appendix 3)
California Myotis: Myotis californicus: Chickaree … Western Gray Squirrel: Sciurus griseus: Yellow-Pine … Purple Finch: Carpodacus purpureus: Red-Breasted Nuthatch: Sitta canadensis

Online Scrapbook – Garden for Wildlife – National Wildlife Federation
Western Meadowlark Sturnella neglecta Blackbirds … Purple Finch Carpodacus purpureus Finches. California Gull Larus californicus Gulls and Terns

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