August 2008 Taxonomic Update — Alaska eBird
And, we have added many bird names that eBird users have … Diglossa mystacalis unicincta: Moustached Flowerpiercer (unicincta) subspecies

Tropical Birding bird tour report for Northern Peru July 2005
… Moustached Flowerpiercer (Diglossa mystacalis unicincta) – One in a mixed flock below Abra Barro Negro. My favorite race of this really cool bird.

Updates & Corrections — Clements Checklist
S. 1976. Handbook of North American birds. Volume 3. Yale University Press, New Haven. … its identity as the group:-Whiskered Flycatcher (Yellow-rumped) Myiobius barbatus mystacalis

Flickr: Discussing New hyperlink list – by common name in Field Guide …
Bird ID Help Line Latest: 20 hours ago: which lens? for … Afep Pigeon Columba unicincta African Bare-eyed Thrush … Black Flowerpiercer Diglossa humeralis Black Francolin Francolinus …

Flickr: Discussing New hyperlink list – by scientific name in Field …
Scarlet Macaw Bird Count Opportunties in Belize January 2009 Latest: 4 weeks ago: which lens? for birds Photography Latest: 5 weeks ago: New experimental index

Birds of the World
Lists of all species with scientific and English names, subdivided by Family. Choice of list based on the Clements or the Sibley and Monroe classification schemes.
Order,Family (Latin),Family (English),Genus,Species (Latin),Species (English),Breeding Range General Region,Breeding Range Subregion(s),Nonbreeding Range,Code,Note TINAMIFORMES …
31 SAGITTARIIDAE Secretary-bird (1) Sagittarius serpentarius Secretary-bird … Columba unicincta Afep Pigeon Columba junoniae Laurel Pigeon Columba arquatrix Rameron Pigeon
Phaethon aethereus Red-billed Tropic Bird. Phaethon … Columba unicincta African Wood Pigeon. Columba vitiensis White … Ptilinopus mercierii Red-moustached Fruit Dove. Ptilinopus …

Common names found in HM but not in SM (4028 species)
African Wood Pigeon: Columba unicincta: African Yellow-bill: Anas undulata … Glossy Flowerpiercer: Diglossa lafresnayii: Go-away Bird: Corythaixoides concolor

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