Naturalis РExtinct bird: Fregilupus varius (R̩union Starling)
3D pictures of the extinct Réunion Starling (Fregilupus varius) in the Naturalis collection (Leiden, the Netherlands).

Bourbon Crested Starling – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Bourbon Crested Starling (Fregilupus varius), also known as Huppe, Crested Starling, or Réunion Starling is an extinct bird from the family of Sturnidae.
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IUCN 2008 Red List – Fregilupus varius
English – Reunion Starling, Réunion Starling … Evaluator/s: Bird, J. & Butchart, S … Range Description: Fregilupus varius was endemic to Réunion (to France) 2.

List of extinct birds – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
… Aplonis diluvialis on neighboring Huahine, it seems likely that this bird also belonged to this genus. Bourbon Crested Starling, Fregilupus varius (Réunion, Mascarenes, 1850s) …

SCRICCIOLO: Extinct Birds
LIST OF THE EXTINCT BIRDS : Remember ! SAVE THE BIRDS … Fregilupus varius: Reunion Starling: Zosterops strenuus: Robust White-eye: Megalurus rufescens : Chatham Islands …

EXTINCT BIRDS: Systematic list – Geographical review
Reunion Fody: Sturnidae: Aplonis corvina 1828 Kosrae Starling: Aplonis mavornata 1774 Mysterious Starling: Fregilupus rodericanus 1832 Rodriguez Starling: Fregilupus varius 1862

starling – Species list, Cultural references
This article is about the bird species. Species list Genus Aplonis … Wattled Starling, Creatophora cinerea Genus Fregilupus Réunion Starling, Fregilupus varius (extinct, 1850s) Genus …

Extinct Bird Species
… and known or suspected extinct species or subspecies of birds of the … Bourbon Crested Starling Fregilupus varius 1862 Reunion Is. Sp Ext Leguat’s Starling Fregilupus rodericanus …

Ecology and Society: Galápagos Birds and Diseases: Invasive Pathogens …
Galápagos Birds and Diseases: Invasive Pathogens as Threats for Island … Unknown pathogen : Reunion Starling (Fregilupus varius ) Reunion, Mascarene Islands : Suggestion that disease …

Birds: Sturnidae
Birds and their associated Chewing Lice Avian taxonomy Howard and … Fregilupus varius (Boddaert, 1783) – Reunion Starling@ Lamprotornis Temminck, 1820

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