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They are relatively common across their range. [edit] White-winged Junco. Junco hyemalis aikeni … Bird Guide – Dark-eyed Junco. Retrieved 2007-JAN-20. Dunn, Jon L. (2002): The …

Dark-eyed Junco
DARK-EYED JUNCO Junco hyemalis … The "White-winged Junco" (J. h. aikeni) of the Black Hills is strictly a rare vagrant any in California. Dark-eyed Juncos … Bird Record …

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Dark-eyed Junco range map. … Junco hyemalis aikeni … White-winged Junco [

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The White-winged Junco (Junco hyemalis aikeni) is a subspecies of the Dark-eyed Junco. … using wingbars alone to identify a bird as a White-winged Junco …

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… little Snow-bird,” and to some people “snowbird” is the junco … species: hyemalis (Slate-colored Junco); aikeni (White-winged Junco … Dark-eyed Junco (Junco hyemalis), The Birds of …

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click to enlarge) Dark-eyed junco (Junco hyemalis) (credit: … or snowbird, small seed-eating bird of … wintering across the Lower 48 states. White-winged Junco (J. h. aikeni).

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Field Guide; Range Maps; Bird Photos; Google … Dark-eyed Junco (white-winged) … The White-winged Junco (J. hyemalis aikeni) has a grey head, breast and …

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Junco hyemalis – (Linnaeus, 1758) Dark-eyed Junco … HYEMALIS (Slate-colored Junco); OREGANUS (Oregon Junco); AIKENI (White-winged Junco) … Breeding Bird Atlas of …

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Visit Our Nature Store for Bird Feeders and Bird Food: Dark-eyed Junco – sparrow … The White-winged Junco (J. hyemalis aikeni) has a grey head, breast and upper parts with white …

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group Dark-eyed Junco (White-winged) Junco hyemalis aikeni group Dark-eyed Junco (Gray-headed … 1-800-843-BIRD | cornellbirds@cornell.edu

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