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The Yellow-eyed Junco (Junco phaeonotus) is a species of junco, small … This bird’s diet consists mainly of … Baird’s Junco, Junco phaeonotus bairdi group [verification needed]

Comprehensive Report Species – Junco phaeonotus
Junco phaeonotus – Wagler, 1831 Yellow-eyed Junco … Mexican Junco]; bairdi [Baird’s Junco]; fulvescens [Chiapas … Citation for Bird Range Maps of North …

junco: Definition from
or snowbird, small seed-eating bird of … now rare and endangered. Yellow-eyed Junco (Junco phaeonotus). … southeast Mexico) and Guatemala. Baird’s Junco (Junco p. bairdi).

… Wildlife to Your Garden… Bird Feeding … Yellow-eyed Junco (Junco phaeonotus phaeonotus). High mountains of … southeast Mexico) and Guatemala. Baird’s Junco (Junco p. bairdi).

WINGS Birding Tours to Mexico: Baja California’s Cape Region – Bird …
Baja California’s Cape Region – Bird List. WINGS is a worldwide … Yellow-eyed Junco (Baird’s) 3: Junco phaeonotus bairdi: Northern Cardinal: 1: Cardinalis cardinalis

Sonoran Joint Venture: Outreach: SJV Newsletter
… Jennie Duberstein) Special thanks to the Black Swamp Bird … American (San Lucas) Robin (Turdus migratorius confinis), Yellow-eyed (Baird’s) Junco (Junco phaeonotus bairdi) …

Species — Birds of North America Online …
Junco phaeonotus: Yellow-eyed Junco … Akikiki: Oreomystis bairdi … Baird’s Sandpiper: Calidris …

WINGS Birding Tours to Arizona: Second Spring – Bird List
Second Spring – Bird List. WINGS is a … 5: Baird’s Sandpiper: Calidris bairdii: 3: Stilt Sandpiper … 7: Yellow-eyed Junco: 3: 10: Junco phaeonotus palliatus

Bird Taxonomy
… 8865 Oreomystis bairdi … Junco 8940 Junco phaeonotus Yellow-eyed Junco … Ammodramus bairdii Baird’s …

FONT’s Mexico Birdlist Part 2: Manakins thru Buntings
Bird-List: Long-tailed … Vireo bairdi; Bell’s Vireo … Yellow-eyed Junco (*) _____ bc (includes "Baird’s Junco" of the lower Baja California) Junco phaeonotus

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