Prevost’s Ground Sparrow: Melozone biarcuata : Cabanis’s Ground Sparrow: Melozone cabanisi: PS (8) White-eared Ground Sparrow: Melozone leucotis : Olive Sparrow: Arremonops rufivirgatus

Guatemala Birds during FONT Birding & Nature Tours
A Guatemala bird list compiled by Armas Hill with photos Mammals & Other Wildlife in … Green-breasted Mango_____ lw,ps,pt (another name has been "Prevost’s Mango")

FONT’s Mexico Birdlist Part 2: Manakins thru Buntings
Bird-List: Long-tailed Manakin … Melozone biarcuata (monotypic) A Prevost’s Ground Sparrow photographed during a FONT … another name has been "Cabanis’s Tanager") Tangara cabanisi …

xeno-canto :: bird songs from the Americas
all species in the collections A list of all 3547 species in the xeno-canto collection. That’s 79.86% of the total number of 4441 species in the Neotropics.

xeno-canto :: bird songs from the Americas
A list of all unique bird species in the xeno-canto collection, in … Prevost’s Ground-Sparrow: Melozone biarcuata: Rusty Sparrow: Aimophila rufescens

VIREO Bird photos. Visual Resources for Ornithology The Academy of …
VIREO bird pictures in searchable bird image database with photos of birds from around the world
Synallaxis cabanisi Cabanis’ Spinetail Synallaxis maranonica Maranon Spinetail … Atrichornis rufescens Rufous Scrub-bird Atrichornis clamosus Noisy Scrub-bird

Avibase – Vogel-Kontrolllisten der Welt – Mexico bird checklist
… Vogel-Links, entworfen und unterhalten durch Denis Lepage, als Host fungiert Bird … Plain Wren: Thryothorus modestus: Cabanis-Zaunkönig: Bewick’s Wren: Thryomanes bewickii …

Avibase – Vogelchecklists voor de hele wereld – Mexico bird checklist
Bird Checklists of the World is een onderdeel van Avibase en Bird links to the World … Mountain Robin: Turdus plebejus: Cabanis-lijster: Clay-colored Robin: Turdus grayi: Gray-lijster
31 SAGITTARIIDAE Secretary-bird (1) Sagittarius serpentarius Secretary-bird 32 FALCONIDAE Falcons and Caracaras (64) Daptrius ater Black Caracara Ibycter americanus Red-throated Caracara

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