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The Peg-billed Finch, Acanthidops bairdii, is a passerine bird which is endemic to the highlands of Costa Rica and extreme western Panama. Despite its name, it is not a true finch, but now recognized as a member of the tanager family (Thraupidae), after being long placed in the Emberizidae.
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ITIS Standard Report Page: Acanthidops bairdii
… American Ornithologists’ Union’s "List of the 2,046 Bird Species (With … 42-48), maintained at Reference for: Acanthidops bairdii, Peg-billed Finch [English]

Complete list of bird species endemic to Costa Rica and neighboring regions … Peg-billed Finch. Acanthidops bairdii. Slaty Flowerpiercer. Diglossa plumbea. Sooty-faced Finch

Audubon Science – Christmas Bird Count
Results: Species Observations : Peg-billed Finch Acanthidops bairdii for the Central America region View all counts… Contact Form
HOME: LOCATION: BIRD LIST: ACCOMMODATIONS: GALLERY: RESERVATIONS: CONTACT US … Peg-billed Finch. Acanthidops bairdii. Slaty Flowerpiercer. Diglossa plumbea. Sooty-faced Finch

InfoNatura Species Index: Family Emberizidae
2.650245 Acanthidops bairdii Peg-billed Finch G2G3: LC Countries … Citation for Bird Range Maps: Ridgely, R. S., T. F. Allnutt, T …

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Peg-billed Finch: Acanthidops bairdii : Black-crested Finch: Lophospingus pusillus : Grey-crested Finch: Lophospingus griseocristatus : Long-tailed Reed Finch: Donacospiza albifrons

Four-letter (English Name) and Six-letter (Scientific Name) Alpha …
See Pyle and DeSante, North American Bird Bander 28:64-79 (2003) for … Emerald-chinned Hummingbird ECHU Abeillia abeillei ABEABE Peg-billed Finch PBFI Acanthidops bairdii ACABAI …

Finding Birds in Costa Rica
… list of endemic species and links to more pages, including a complete bird … Peg-billed Finch: Acanthidops bairdii: Slaty Flowerpiercer: Diglossa plumbea: Large-footed Finch: Pezopetes capitalis

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