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The White-breasted Guineafowl, Agelastes meleagrides is a medium-sized, up to 45cm long, terrestrial bird of the guineafowl family. It has a black plumage with a small, bare red head, white breast, long black tail, greenish brown bill and greyish feet. The sexes are similar.

White-breasted Guineafowl (Agelastes meleagrides) – BirdLife species …
Search for information on all of the world’s bird species. … BirdLife Species Champions appeal Donate to this groundbreaking initiative so that together we can turn the tide on …

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White-breasted Guineafowl, Agelastes meleagrides; Black Guineafowl, Agelastes niger … ISBN 8487334156 [edit] External links. Guineafowl videos on the Internet Bird Collection

Agelastes meleagrides – White-breasted Guineafowl specimen(s) in the …
Specimen(s) of White-breasted Guineafowl (Agelastes meleagrides) in the Zoological Museum Amsterdam (ZMA). … less numerous as the cutting of forest continues and the bird is in …

Mangoverde World Bird Guide Family Page: Guineafowl
This is the Guineafowl page of the Mangoverde World Bird Guide. From here you will … White-breasted Guineafowl : Agelastes meleagrides : 0: 0: 0: Black Guineafowl : Agelastes niger : 0: 0: 0

gbwf.org, Guineafowl & Turkey – Aviculture and Conservation
… New World, the family Meleagrididae consists of two large game bird … White-breasted Guineafowl (Agelastes meleagrides) Black Guineafowl (A. niger)

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The guineafowl are a family of bird s in the same order as the pheasant s … White-breasted Guineafowl , Agelastes meleagrides Black Guineafowl , Agelastes niger Helmeted …

birding facts Birding Resources by the Fat Birder
Local contacts, guides, bird clubs and birding organisations in … White-breasted Guineafowl Agelastes meleagrides Black Guineafowl Agelastes niger

Guineafowl family – mainly images; gallery format
Bird species in the Guineafowl family … 39 Guineafowl White-breasted Guineafowl Agelastes meleagrides Helmeted Guineafowl

Birds and birding in Ghana
The total bird list for Ghana is 725 or so species of which 494 are … White-breasted Guineafowl: Agelastes meleagrides: Vulnerable: Rufous Fishing-owl: Scotopelia ussheri: Endangered

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