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The Black-chested Sparrow (Aimophila humeralis) is a species of bird in the Emberizidae family. It is endemic to Mexico. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical dry shrubland and subtropical or tropical high-altitude shrubland. [edit] Source. BirdLife International 2004. Aimophila humeralis. 2006 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Downloaded on 25 July 2007.

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… American Ornithologists’ Union’s "List of the 2,046 Bird Species (With … 42-48), maintained at Reference for: Aimophila humeralis, Black-chested Sparrow [English]

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Bachman’s Sparrow, Aimophila aestivalis; Black-chested Sparrow, Aimophila humeralis; Botteri’s Sparrow, Aimophila … This article about a bird of the family Emberizidae is a stub. You can …

ITIS Standard Report Page: Aimophila
… Zacatonero de Cassin : Species: Aimophila humeralis Cabanis, 1851 — Black-chested Sparrow … Banks : Notes: Chief, Bird Section, U.S.G.S. – B.R.D. – P.W.R.C

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… American sparrows are a group of mainly New World passerine bird s … Pipilo albicollis Bridled Sparrow , Aimophila mystacalis Black-chested Sparrow , Aimophila humeralis Stripe …

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… Aimophila mystacalis; Black-chested Sparrow, Aimophila humeralis; Stripe … Five-striped Sparrow, Aimophila quinquestriata: A medium-sized sparrow. This passerine bird is …
Black-chested Sparrow: Aimophila humeralis : Bridled Sparrow: Aimophila mystacalis : Cinnamon-tailed Sparrow: Aimophila sumichrasti : Tumbes Sparrow: Aimophila stolzmanni

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Bird Taxonomy Page 9 [Home] [Site Map] [Info Page] [Links] [ … Bridled Sparrow 8966 Aimophila humeralis Black-chested Sparrow …

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Black-chested Sparrow: Aimophila humeralis : Cocos Finch: Pinaroloxias inornata : Rusty-crowned Ground-Sparrow: Melozone kieneri : Yellow Grosbeak: Pheucticus chrysopeplus

xeno-canto :: bird songs from tropical America
Black-chested Sparrow: Aimophila humeralis : Rusty-crowned Ground-Sparrow: Melozone kieneri : Azure-rumped Tanager: Tangara cabanisi : Yellow Grosbeak: Pheucticus chrysopeplus

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