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The Arabian Partridge (Alectoris melanocephala) is a species of bird in the Phasianidae family. It is found in Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen.

Arabian Partridge, Alectoris melanocephala
Arabian Partridge (Alectoris melanocephala) … Hayes, LB. 1995. Upland Game Birds: Their Breeding and Care. Leland …

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Arabian Partridge, Alectoris melanocephala; Przevalski’s Partridge, Alectoris magna; Rock Partridge, Alectoris graeca; National bird Of Pakistan, Alectoris chukar; Philby’s Partridge, …

Arabian Partridge (Alectoris melanocephala) – BirdLife species …
Search for information on all of the world’s bird species. … BirdLife Species Champions appeal Donate to this groundbreaking initiative so that together we can turn the tide on …

ITIS Standard Report Page: Alectoris melanocephala
No.: The Howard and Moore Complete Checklist of the Birds of the World … Jersey, USA : ISBN/ISSN: 0-691-11701-2 : Notes: Reference for: Alectoris melanocephala, Arabian Partridge

Philby’s Rock Partridge, Alectoris philbyi
… range overlaped by the Arabian Partridge … to be a race of the Rock Partridge Alectoris graeca. Habitat: Shares same habitat as melanocephala, but … more pronounced in older birds

IUCN 2008 Red List – Alectoris melanocephala
English – Arabian Partridge, Arabian Red-legged Partridge … Evaluator/s: Bird, J. & Butchart, S. (BirdLife … Citation: BirdLife International 2008. Alectoris melanocephala.

ITIS Standard Report Page: Alectoris
… Przevalski’s Partridge : Species: Alectoris melanocephala (Ruppell, 1835) — Arabian Partridge … Banks : Notes: Chief, Bird Section, U.S.G.S. – B.R.D. – P.W.R.C

Alectoris (Partridges)
Home > Birds Grouse, Pheasants & Partridges (Phasianidae) Alectoris … Alectoris melanocephala (Arabian Partridge) adult with young_9224 (c) Roger & Llz Charlwood …

Arabian Partridge
Arabian Partridge. Alectoris melanocephala. Near Hasik, Oman, January (54389) Near Hasik, Oman, January (54391) Near Hasik, Oman, January (8998) Near Hasik, Oman, January (54390)

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