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… of birds that can be kept as cage-bird … Cuban Amazon or Rose-throated Parrot, Amazona … Amazona (ochrocephala) auropalliata; Yellow-headed Amazon, Amazona (ochrocephala) oratrix

The California Parrot Project
The allospecies Amazona oratrix (Yellow-headed Parrot), Amazona auropalliata (Yellow-naped Parrot), and … Largely because of the drain of wild populations for the pet bird trade …

CalPhotos: Amazona oratrix; Double Yellow-headed Amazon Parrot
CalPhotos Amazona oratrix; Double Yellow-headed Amazon Parrot (detail page)

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The Yellow-headed Amazon (Amazona oratrix), also known as the Yellow-headed Parrot, Double Yellow-headed Amazon, etc … Therapy and Training for Your Pet Bird. Simon and Schuster, p …

Double Yellow-headed Amazon, Amazona oratrix
Everything You Need to Know to Keep Your Pet Bird Healthy and Happy … Jasmine is the second parrot to live with my family. I sold the earlier one as the rest of the family had …

ITIS Standard Report Page: Amazona oratrix
… American Ornithologists’ Union’s "LIST OF THE 2,041 BIRD SPECIES (WITH … 42-47), maintained at Reference for: Amazona oratrix, Yellow-headed Parrot [English]

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yellow-headed parrot Amazona oratrix (Tropical America) Distinctive; breeds locally in and … Western Bird Guide: yellow-headed parrot

Amazona oratrix – Yellow-headed Parrot specimen(s) in the ZMA
Specimen(s) of Yellow-headed Parrot (Amazona oratrix) in the Zoological Museum Amsterdam (ZMA). … Due to mass-capturing for the cage-bird trade, persecution to avoid crop …

CalPhotos: Amazona oratrix
… SELECT * FROM img WHERE ready=1 and taxon = "Amazona oratrix" and lifeform = "Bird … Amazona oratrix Double Yellow-headed Amazon Parrot ID: 0000 0000 0104 0151 [detail]…

Yellow-headed Amazon (Amazona oratrix) – BirdLife species factsheet
… for information on all of the world’s bird … Yellow-headed Amazon   Amazona oratrix … 5-year plan to get St Vincent Parrot off Red List

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