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The Vogelkop Bowerbird, Amblyornis inornata, a.k.a. the Vogelkop Gardener Bowerbird, is a medium … Categories: IUCN Red List least concern species | Amblyornis | Birds of Indonesia

Vogelkop Bowerbird (Amblyornis inornata) – BirdLife species factsheet
Search for information on all of the world’s bird species. … BirdLife Species Champions appeal Donate to this groundbreaking initiative so that together we can turn the tide on …

Vogelkop Bowerbird: Amblyornis inornata : Macgregor’s Bowerbird: Amblyornis macgregoriae : Streaked Bowerbird: Amblyornis subalaris : Golden-fronted Bowerbird: Amblyornis flavifrons

LSM1303 Animal Behaviour Student Blog : A Bower Bird and his "Bachelor …
The Vogelkop bower bird (Amblyornis inornata), the world’s greatest bower-builder, is a medium-sized, approximately 25cm long bowerbird of the mountains of the Vogelkop Peninsula at …

LSM1303 Animal Behaviour Student Blog
… but perhaps this video might change your mind. The Vogelkop bower bird ( Amblyornis inornata … bowerbird, bower, bird, bachelor pad, sexual selection

New Guinea Distribution Map
Birds Found in New Guinea – with map and links to the respective bird … Vogelkop Bowerbird (Amblyornis inornata) – Range: Mountains of the Vogelkop Peninsula at Western New Guinea …

Bird Taxonomy
… Rufous Scrub-bird … or Tomba Bowerbird 5140 Amblyornis inornatus Vogelkop Bowerbird … 5400 Acanthiza inornata …

Birds of the world – Sibley-Monroe Checklist 12 – Birding in India …
… Albert’s Lyrebird Superb Lyrebird Rufous Scrub-bird … Archboldia papuensis Archboldia sanfordi Amblyornis inornatus … Archbold’s Bowerbird Sanford’s Bowerbird Vogelkop Bowerbird …

Australian Bird Image Database- All Images
… Cicinnurus magnificus – Magnificent Bird-of-paradise (3) … implicata – Hooded Whistler Pachycephala inornata … Black-tailed Whistler (5) Pachycephala meyeri – Vogelkop …

グ学名 Amblyornis inornata 現学名 Amblyornis inornatus グ英名 Gardener Bower-bird 現英名 Vogelkop Gardener Bowerbird 和  名 チャイロニワシドリ

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