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The Broad-billed Motmot (Electron platyrhynchum) is a species of bird in the Momotidae family. It is found in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, and Peru. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests and heavily degraded former forest.

Panama Bird Photos
Panama Bird Photos. by Will Cook. Here’s a selection of bird images from a … Broad-billed Motmot (Electron platyrhynchum) 3/22/04 – Canopy Tower, Panama.

Photos – Yashmina – Broad-billed motmot (Electron platyrhynchum)
The Broad-billed Motmot (Electron platyrhynchum) is a species of bird in the Momotidae family. They are mainly distributed distributed from Honduras through Panama and down the …

Mangoverde World Bird Guide Species Page: Broad-billed Motmot
This is the Broad-billed Motmot (Electron platyrhynchum) multimedia field guide page of the Mangoverde World Bird Guide.

Broad-billed Motmot stamps
Stamps showing Broad-billed Motmot (Electron platyrhynchum)

Broad-billed motmot: Information from
Broad-billed motmot Electron platyrhynchum TAXONOMY Momotus platyrhynchus Leadbeater, 1829 … Motmots (Momotidae) (zoology) Broad-billed Motmot; Electron (bird) Sibley-Monroe checklist 3

Discover Life – Aves: Momotidae – Motmots
Higher taxa: Life Vertebrata Aves IDnature guides: Bird … broad-billed motmot Electron platyrhynchum: broad-billed motmot Electron platyrhynchum

birding facts Birding Resources by the Fat Birder
Broad-billed Motmot Electron platyrhynchum Turquoise-browed Motmot Eumomota superciliosa …

Keel-billed Motmot (Electron carinatum) – BirdLife species factsheet
Search for information on all of the world’s bird species. … Mixed pairs of E. carinatum and Broad-billed Motmot Electron platyrhynchum have been documented in Costa Rica 7 …

VIREO Bird photos. Visual Resources for Ornithology The Academy of …
VIREO bird pictures in searchable … Selected Image: Broad-billed Motmot, h21/6/117. Common Name: Broad-billed Motmot: Scientific Name: Electron platyrhynchum

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