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Black-faced Warbler Abroscopus schisticeps flavimantalis Photographer : © Supriyo Samanta: Location : Lava, Darjeeling District, West Bengal, India

ITIS Standard Report Page: Abroscopus schisticeps
… D. Notes: PO Box 1999 Walla Walla, Washington 99362-0999 : Reference for: Abroscopus schisticeps … No.: Birds of the World: Recommended English Names : Page(s): ix + 259 : Publisher: …

Abroscopus schisticeps – Wikispecies
Species: Abroscopus schisticeps Subspecies: A. s. flavimentalis  – A. s. ripponi  – A. s … Catalogue of the specimens and drawings of Mammalia and Birds of Nepal and Thibet …

Black-faced Warbler Abroscopus schisticeps
Black-faced Warbler Abroscopus schisticeps – some photos and notes … Abroscopus schisticeps: Lingmethang Road, Mongar, Bhutan April 2008. The Black-faced Warbler from Nepal and …

Abroscopus – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
… Abroscopus superciliaris; Black-faced Warbler Abroscopus schisticeps [edit] References. Del Hoyo, J.; Elliot, A. & Christie D. (editors). (2006). Handbook of the Birds of the World.

Black-faced Warbler Abroscopus schisticeps
Black-faced Warbler Abroscopus schisticeps – some photos and notes … Cettia fortipes: Lingmethang Road, Mongar, Bhutan April 2008

Black-faced Warbler – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Black-faced Warbler (Abroscopus schisticeps) is a species of Old World warbler in the Sylviidae … This article about a passerine bird is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding …

Biodiversity of Nepal
Genus: Abroscopus Species: schisticeps Family: Nepali Name: N/A Size: 9 cm. Lifespan: Food: Carnivores: Incubation Period: Habit: Residential Clutch Size: NPWC A(1973): Yes

Biodiversity of Nepal
Genus: Abroscopus Species: superciliaris Family: Nepali Name: N/A … Birds … schisticeps (Black-faced Warbler)

… headed Flycatcher Warbler) Seicercus castaniceps : r: Chestnut-crowned Warbler : Abroscopus schisticeps … Ghose, Dipankar, 1999, Birds recorded at Blue Mountain (Phawngpui) National Park …

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